May 15, 2018

How to Handle a Water Damaged Ceiling

Water is an essential liquid that every home needs, but it can cause damage if it infiltrates in the wrong areas in an unpredictable and inconvenient way. Your interior ceiling can suffer damage that requires repair with a surprisingly small amount of water leak and drainage.

Signs of Ceiling Water Damage

One of the surest signs you have ceiling water damage in your home is to find pieces of material scattered on the floor. Once the ceiling becomes soaked the materials can fail and fall down. Other signs are water drips, peeling paint and brown stains. The damage can end up so extensive that it requires ceiling repair Houston professionals to bring it all back to normal.
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Can I have mold on the ceiling?

Once the area of water damage begins to dry, mold can begin growing. It can grow on the outer surface, or up behind the remaining ceiling materials. It is an unpleasant side effect of water damage. You will notice the problem by sight or smell. You need to have the mold removed right away for the health of your family.

Locate the Water Leak

Ceiling leaks originate from a variety of sources. It can indicate roof damage, leaks in plumbing, loose or cracked siding, or loose window frames. You might have a ceiling that has been damaged by water before the purchase of your home that is simply left unfixed from an old leak problem.

Repair the Area of Damage

You will have to explore the extent of the ceiling damage to get a feel for the type of fix that is required. The method of repair will vary, depending on the materials that comprise your ceiling. You need to make sure that any existing mold is removed at the time of the repair.

How to Get Professional Results

Trying to fix extensive ceiling damage can seem difficult without much experience. It can feel awkward and uncomfortable working on a project above your head. It is trying on the head and neck muscles. You should get an estimate from an experienced water damage repair company like United Water Restoration to get the professional results you want.

You can easily diagnose ceiling water damage by simply looking for the signs. The good news is quality repairs can make the surface look as good as new.

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