May 28, 2018

Kinds Of Wallpapers – A Knowhow

There are different kinds of wallpapers that have been developing with time to make it look more and more appealing to the human eye. Here are the basic types of wallpapers used all over the world.

  • Damask wallpapers- These wallpapers are more on the classical side and was inspired by the woven cloth styles. The designs used are usually royal and elegant and sometimes deliberately old fashioned. A room with even one wall with a Damaskan wallpaper can make all the difference. Although quite old in style these wallpapers can have new playful designs. No matter what kind of design they mostly have rich and bold color choices.
  • Floral designs- Be it dramatic dark tones palm leaves or pastel and soothing colored roses, floral designs can be the best choice for wallpapers. The design you choose determines what kind of effect it would give to a room. While a few floral designs can be of bright and bold some can also exude a kind of lavish and classy look that would define the room.
  • Illusion wallpapers- Bringing your dream to your room, illusion wallpapers can make the unthinkable happen. With these wallpapers that look lifelike, you could be waking up in a galaxy, falling asleep in a forest or reading a book by the ocean, all without having to step out of your house. Illusion wallpapers are 3-D and make for amazing home décor.
  • Kids-Wallpaper Singapore does not disappoint anyone. The extensive variety of kids wallpapers will make your kids love their room. Wallpapers of their favorite cartoon characters, animals, animations and others that will make their room colorful, fun and entertaining.
  • Modern- These wallpapers are almost a contrast to the Damaskan wallpapers. They take inspiration from all that is new and modern. These wallpapers are always attractive to the eye. They usually seek a lot of attention and are unexpected, sleek and stylish in nature. The kind of modern wallpaper you choose really shows off your personality and are abstract in nature, they can use different motifs, graffiti and even doodling styles.
  • Simple- These wallpapers tend to rely on simplicity. Although they might use all shades of colors they remain plain or utilize the minimum amount of color and texture. They do not make use of extensive and elaborate designs and ideas and differ from all other kinds of wallpapers yet.
  • Stripes- These are most commonly used, stripes can be vertical, horizontal or any other way that the person wishes. Stripes always give a neat look to the room that it put it and there is nothing wrong that could go with such a simple yet strong design choice.
  • Vine- These kinds of wallpapers, like the name suggests, are depictions of thin ivy, small branches with not much decoration. It can have a few birds, small flowers but nothing too big and is usually delicate to look at.
  • Vintage- These wallpapers are usually very high in demand, their inspiration lies in the vintage times which is the 50’s, 60’s and so on. They might depict scenes, people and styles then which takes you back in time.
  • Bricks and stones-  The bricks and stone ideas of Wallpaper Singapore give a feeling of having your room made of small marble tiles, a rusty rock style or an urban brick style according to your liking.

This wide collection of wallpapers helps make the interiors of your home help add a personal touch to your home while making sure it is on par with the trend.

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