May 5, 2018

5 Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Noisy neighbors can really be irritating, at times. The noise could get so loud that it becomes unbearable! At least, that's how it feels. So, something needs to be done about it, immediately! Don't work yourself up about it. Why? Something can be done to remedy the problem.

The truth is, people (neighbors) can be bothering you without even realizing it. And sometimes, they can't control it, even if you sum up the courage, walk up to them, and tell them.

For example, your neighbors could have a serious argument involving the whole family. Instances like this could cause serious disturbance at your home because of the noise emanating from such quarrel. And since you cannot control such incidents, you will have to live through it! That sucks! Yes, everybody will agree to this.

So, if you are reading this article, it means, literally, that you are looking for
solutions to the problem. Have you thought about soundproofing your

If you haven't, then you should. You can fix the problem effectively by soundproofing your home. Because if the noise can't get in, you won't worry about it, right? Good! That is why 5 best ways on how to soundproof your home will be discussed in this article. Ready?

Soundproof the Windows

You can block the noise getting into your house through the windows by soundproofing the windows. This will decrease the decibel level of the noise significantly. Although you will have to do more, but this is a great way to start. 
And you can do this in many ways. You may be probably thinking: "completely block the windows. Oh! That will prevent light from getting into the room. Then the use of sealants is a better option." You are right: Sealants will work just fine. But you should NEVER forget other options like the use of soundproof curtains (much of it will be discussed later). What about the use of interior acrylic or glass sheets?

Also, the use of window foams or double paneled windows (this is more expensive) is another alternative. As you can see, you just have to choose which option you want to do. It won't be a bad idea to go with two options just to increase effectiveness, right? However, one will work just fine.

Use Soundproof Curtains

These are mainly used to block out the sound that is getting in through the windows. They are effective at blocking out sound because of the material they are made of: thick sound absorbing materials. And you do not have to worry if the color of the soundproof curtains will fit: they are made in a variety of designs and colors. That being said, all that is needed now is to hang it over your windows. You may be amazed at how it would work!

Soundproof the Doors

Look around your door, examine your doors carefully. Do you see certain gaps and holes? If you do, those need to be filled appropriately. You can tell that sound is entering your house through those holes and gaps. A neoprene or vinyl sealant strip should be used here. You should take your time and seal the main door(s) well.

That is not all: door sweeps could also be used at the bottom of your doors. These are some of the ways you can soundproof your doors.

Use Soundproof Foams

You should also use
acoustic soundproof foams. Soundproof foams are important because they absorb sound waves inside your house. If you live in a small confined space, there could easily be a build-up of sound waves within that confined space--sound waves that are mostly coming from external sources. This will only make thing worse. That is why you need to add soundproof foams to the inside of such spaces to deaden those sound waves.
Soundproof the Floors

You can take it a step farther by soundproofing the floors. Noise from neighbors downstairs could get through the floor. It is important that you do not ignore this. This is what you should do: try carpeting the floor and add carpet paddling to it. That is not all: you can use fluffier rugs, if you do not like to use carpets. If that is also not your thing, then you should use floating floor.

That's it! These discussed above are the 5 best ways on how to soundproof your home. As you go about doing it, try to always make smart choices. 

Author bio: June is a stay-at-home mom who has an interest in soundproofing her house so that her family can have a peaceful day after work and school. Sometimes, it is to lower the volume when her teenage son has band practice in the garage. She blogs at A Quiet Refuge (

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