May 10, 2018

Nordusk Introduces Ecommerce Portal to Reach Out a Wider Consumer Base

The advent of e-commerce has dissolved every remaining limitation of geography in digital India. Nowadays people prefer e-commerce stores over the retail ones because of several benefits. In e-commerce, your targeted customers land up in your website following a link in search engine results even if they have never heard of you. As a brand, the vision of Nordusk is to reach out to maximum numbers of people and the very thought led us to launch our e-commerce website.
Nordusk focuses primarily on the optimum usage of the modern advanced technology to remain at par with the other companies.  Keeping these in mind, the company has remained upgraded with its products as well as technical advancements so as to earn an edge over the others. The commendable market disruptive steps have acted as plus points that helped the company in earning a good name in the market.

Nordusk’s recently introduced e-commerce portal has initiated the idea of buying LED lights at a very reasonable price! Available from the brand’s own website, the most attractive part is that the website gives us an idea of how much energy we are saving per watt through the wattage calculator facility. Apart from all these what has made it even more popular are its payment schemes. Now paying for your suitable LED products is just a click away.

The diverse range of products is surely going to attract the customers and accelerates the sell by leaps and bounds. From industrial to commercial – we cater all your needs. People with the pre-conceived notion of getting quality products only in the stores and from the dealers will also prefer to buy LED bulbs online from the e-commerce portal of Nordusk. There is also a great demand for LED downlights in an Indian household. Customers love to buy LED downlights online after researching a bit about the recent trends in the market. No wonder, why the e-commerce portals are gaining so much popularity in recent times. It provides you with every possible detail and description of the products. So, one does not have to take the pain of going down to the stores and getting hold of your desired products. All you need to do is place your order online, and our superfast delivery policy will bring your required products to your doorstep.

Nordusk is now thinking of spreading its wings across the country. Not only is the idea of introducing our e-commerce portal a brilliant one, but its usage and its easy availability and popularity amongst customers has helped it win half the battle. Be it a quality product or marketing strategy, we strive to remain one step ahead of our competitors. So that our customers can now get their products hassle free without burning holes in their pockets.

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