Dec 12, 2017

What’s with High-End Air Conditioners?

Connectivity. Isn’t this the prevailing trend when it comes to high-end devices, appliances, and electronic gadgets? The growing family of the internet of things seems to gain more and more popularity these days. Request-granting speakers that are connected to your mobile device so you can make and pick up calls. Refrigerators that send a list of grocery items to mobile phones. Home locks and alarms that you can control remotely through your phone. These are only a few of connected devices that can be dubbed as “high-end” in this era.

Do air conditioners have their place in all these? Today, we’re going to discuss some features of the most advanced air conditioners in the market and how they are much better than the previous models. We’re sure you’ll be on the edge of your seats upon hearing these features.

Mobile phone-controlled
Tired of having to get up from the bed in the middle of your sleep when you feel that the room is too cold? Worry no more, guys and girls! It’s 2017 and advanced technology now allows us to control our air conditioning units using our mobile phones. (Photo from Dribble)

Frigidaire’s Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner w/ Wifi Control is one such appliance. You just need to download the phone application designed to control it and you can set the thermostat, mode, fan direction, and virtually anything about how your A/C works with just a swipe on your phone!
Many speed modes
Slow, medium, fast. These three have always been the only modes to choose from when your air conditioning unit functions. But with the advancements in technology and appliance manufacturing, there are cooling units with as many as seven speed modes that you can choose from. This way, you won’t be locked with only a few options. 

Dehumidifier and Money-saver Options
Cooling down your room may not be the only thing you need in a hot and humid country like Singapore. Thus, advanced air conditioning systems these days include dehumidifying as one of their functions.

High-end cooling units such as Friedrich CP05G10A Chill Series Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner now also serve as dehumidifiers. Just turn this mode on while your A/C is running and you’re sure to have a reliable appliance that is effective in removing the humid air inside your home.

This same air conditioner also has a money-saver option. We all know that aside from the upfront cost of purchasing your cooling appliance, you also need to pay for the monthly usage of your air conditioner. It’s better if you have an A/C that has a money-saver mode. Under this mode, the unit itself will calculate the coolness needed by your room and use just enough electricity to meet it.

With all these brand new features of the latest cooling units in the market, you now have the idea that even air conditioners will always evolve to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. After purchasing one, make sure to get the help of professional contractors who offer aircon service Singapore 24 hours a day to maintain your cooling appliance and keep it working efficiently even after years of use.

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