Dec 23, 2017

All the Summer Moving Tips you’ll Ever Need

When summer strikes, it’s a double-edged sword. It feels great to bask under its heat during a summer vacation on the beach. But on a regular summer day at home or on the streets while you walk, heat is just too unbearable.

All you’d want to do at this time of the year is to lock yourself inside an air conditioned room all day. You won’t even feel functional and productive without the thermostat at its coldest setting. This is the best-case scenario on an ordinary summer day. But if you inevitably need to go outdoors to accomplish an activity like relocating to a new place, you don’t have a choice but to endure the scorching heat of the sun.

Since we understand fully how hard it is to relocate to a new place, with an additional hassle of doing it under the heat of the summer sun, we’ll give you all the tips you’ll ever need to make this feat more bearable.

Stay hydrated
When we say, “Stay hydrated,” we mean you have to drink more water than the usual every hour of the day. Drink before you start loading anything on your car or truck. Drink during the loading process, and bring lots of water while you’re traveling to your new location. If you have pets with you, keep them hydrated too.

Of course, hiring professionals from EHMovers or any reputable relocation company in Singapore would make the moving process a lot easier because they will take care of almost everything. But even when you have professionals to assist you, you’d still want to get involved on the day of the move. You’ll still move around and supervise the move, so make sure you’re hydrated in all these.

Dress appropriately
As you take care of your health, pay attention to your physical body as well. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable and sweat like a dripping faucet while the move is ongoing, so wear the right type of clothing. The right type could mean light and cotton fabric, a sleeveless top, and comfortable pants or shorts. Wear close-toed shoes but opt for fabric or breathable material that lets air pass through. Above all, make sure that it’s comfortable to move under that attire. 

Ditch the perishables
As we know, bacteria multiplies more rapidly when the temperature is high. During the summer months, food spoils faster. Knowing this, you better empty your fridge from all food. Empty it entirely so nothing will spoil or rot while you’re on the road. Don’t store any type f food in any of the boxes. Better leave the perishables behind for less hassle.

Check for heat-sensitive items
If you have electrical wires and items that are not properly insulated, make sure you pack them properly with sufficient protection that they need. Your gadgets should not be exposed under the summer heat too, especially their batteries.

Some toxic and flammable items like paint, gasoline, and chemical products should be packed appropriately and placed in the truck or car away from the direct heat of the sun to avoid any accidents.

Schedule the move at a very early time of the day
If possible, start moving hours before the sun rises. The earlier, the better. Make proper estimation of the time it will take to do all the steps required in moving. Consider how many hours will be spent loading your boxes to the truck and how many hours of travel time you’ll need. Schedule the move early at dawn, with proper time allocation so that your whole travel time will be before the sunrise. This is a surefire way to save yourself from the summer heat and from traffic as well.   

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