Dec 28, 2017

Do not make these mistakes while buying window blinds

If you want to move away from the norm, which is curtains and drapes, do consider blinds and shades. They work just as well in maintaining privacy, giving style to a window and offering you light. Blinds come in any number of shapes and sizes and here are a few things you should watch out for when you buy them.

1.   Bargaining on price- first off, window blinds are less expensive than fancy curtains. Secondly, even if you’re living in a rented space, the look of your house will always be important. And windows are in every room. These are highly visible spaces and people can see them at first glance. All the more reason to invest in good quality, good-looking blinds. When of high quality, blinds can last close to a decade! Buying cheap may seem like a thrill at first but when your blinds give way because of use, you might end up regretting the decision.  If you feel you’re being ripped off, by all means bargain. But if it’s a decent price, don’t try for way lower. You might be given inferior stuff.
2.   Forgetting function for style- yes, window blinds are lovely looking, but that’s not the purpose of blinds! They should also be functional and be able to handle repeated raising and lowering, and sometimes rough use as well. So the blinds need to be strong and able to withstand a lot. Style may not be sturdy. You pick up flimsy looking, stylish blinds that give up in a short period of time and you’ll have to make the buying trip all over again.
3.   Buying without thinking- thinking about your home, that is. Blinds work as insulation. If you live in warm climes, it may be a heat trap. Also, awnings and other window treatments may work as well as blinds. Take your home and its inhabitants into consideration before you buy blinds.
4.   Trying to make it fit everywhere- while blinds are great everywhere, there is such a thing as type of blind in specific rooms. Fabric works well in most windows. But what of the kitchen and the bathrooms? Fabric or wood will be a bad idea- fabric is unsafe in the kitchen, unhygienic in the bathroom, and wood warps and bloats in heat and humidity, damp and moistness. You can do way better with aluminum and PVC blinds. So, you shouldn’t think of going to the store and picking up stuff en masse for the whole house. Consider each room, its purpose and then decide on blinds.
5.   Buying without exploring- blinds come in all shapes and forms- roman blinds that take on a pretty fan shape when pulled up; roller blinds which roll into a tube of stuff material, venetian blinds, faux wood blinds- there’s a lot to choose from. Many blinds come with remote controls, making them perfect for the skylight and the high window. Others have other things that make them unique. Check all options before you make a final decision.

Whether you go to the store to buy brand new blinds or because you want to replace your existing ones, you need to think about various factors and then decide on what works for you. 

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