Dec 4, 2017

Awesome DIY Ideas to Recycle Your Alcohol Bottle

Alcoholic beverages are some of the most popular drinks in the market. Drinks like wine and liquor have become staples in parties and social gatherings. Liquor in some countries like the Philippines, Germany, Japan, Russia, and the United States have become an important part in their culture and society. They have created types of liquor that represent their country’s identity. Most alcoholic beverages come in glass bottles, which means these bottles can be reused and repurposed into many different things. Here are some nifty DIY ideas to recycle your alcohol bottles.
Beer Bottle Hand Soap Dispenser

Having hand soap next to your sink is always a must, and this handy idea will help you stop buying those wasteful disposable dispensers. All you have to do is to clean up the bottle, put some liquid soap in, and get a squeezable nozzle. You now have a stylish and decorative hand soap dispenser that makes sure you have clean hands.
Salt and Pepper Shakers

This is an idea that has been done at home and certain food establishments, and adds some style and flair to your table decoration. Simply adding some shaker covers to beer bottles will have them ready to sprinkle in some flavor to your delicious food.

If you have an indoor garden, and need a small place to put your plants in, you can convert some wine and beer bottles into DIY planters. All you have to do is to simply cut the bottles in half, and use thee top part to place your plant. The bottom part is where you will place the water for the roots to take in. These planters would make sure that your plants would find a nice place to grow in your garden. For extra decorative effect, you can hang them up on your wall or balcony. 
Bottleneck Guitar Slide
For guitarists, using a slide gives them a unique sound that they can use for their songs. This sound is present in most blues, country, jazz, and bluegrass music. The sound is done using a glass bottleneck running over the strings. Instead of buying one in a music store, you can simply craft your own without having to spend some money. Simply cut the bottleneck off of the rest of the bottle and smoothen out the cut edges. You now have a handy bottleneck slide you can use when playing some nice music.
Bottle lamps

You definitely be drinking in the dark by using this simple and crafty idea. All you need is to cut some portions of the bottle to create enough space for your light and power source. You can also add some nice decorations as well, which match the decorations you have in your room.

Key Takeaway

Giving your bottles a new lease on life not only gives them  a new purpose, but also makes sure that you are not wasting them by just throwing them away. With these DIY projects, you are guaranteed to some wonderful things with some old and empty bottles. 

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