Dec 9, 2017

Three Ways to Add More Lighting Outside

Whether you're a party animal who loves entertaining friends, or you prefer being alone with your family and some good books, you'll still want to add some new and fresh lighting outside. With the right lights, you'll have all the brightness that you need to see your kids racing across the yard as they play and all the words on your book pages. You can also look for lighting ideas that make entertaining easier. Landscape lighting Overland Park options will work in homes and yards in this city and in others.
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Highlight Specific Features

Landscape lighting is a great choice for those who want to highlight specific features in their yards. When you spend months adding just the right amount of water and plant food to a flower bed to watch flowers grow from the seeds that you planted, you'll want to make that area the focal point of your yard. Landscape lighting options include spot lights that you place right in front of the bed. The light shines up and towards the flower bed, which makes it nearly impossible for guests to stop by without seeing your flowers.

Hang a Chandelier

If you think that chandeliers are only for your dining room and other indoor spaces, think again. These light fixtures now come in designs perfect for the outside. Those that use plastic globes rather than glass will stand up better to the weather conditions outside and won't break or shatter. You can hang one right from the center of the roof on your porch to have light when entertaining friends or kicking back with a book. Some models even function as both chandeliers and ceiling fans. You can use an included remote control to adjust the lighting and blade speed.

Install Sconces

Sconces are another option for your home that can create an intimate or romantic vibe as well as a festive atmosphere during a party. These fixtures come in different designs that include square and round shapes. You can hard wire the lights into your home's electrical system and control the lights with a switch inside your home, but some work on batteries that you can replace as needed. Solar lights recharge when exposed to the sunlight too. Using any of these lighting ideas will transform your home and make your outdoor space perfect for all of your family and friends.

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