Dec 9, 2017

Fun Backyard Games for the Entire Family

In the age of tablets, smartphones and video games, it can be challenging to convince your children to go outside and play. Not only can outdoor play be loads of fun, but it can also help children and adults alike get the healthy exercise they need. Backyard games are fun, healthy activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. This article provides some fun game suggestions to help you and your family have more fun than ever before in your backyard.


Similar to a bean bag toss, each team or player takes a turn trying to get bean bags into a hole at the upper end of a tilted platform. Companies like Custom Corntoss specialize in providing an assortment of boards, bags and decals to enhance your cornhole experience. They also offer accessories like cornhole lights for playing cornhole during the evening hours. Once you have selected a cornhole board set for your family, set each board 27 feet apart. Players can then take turns attempting to toss bags through the hole to earn three points each bag. If a player misses the hole but lands a bag on the platform, they receive just one point. The object of the game is to get exactly 21 points to win the game.
cornhole lights

Horseshoes is another fun game to play in your backyard. To play this game, players take turn tossing horseshoes at a stake that has been firmly planted in the ground. Each player takes two tosses, getting as close as they possibly can to the stake. The closer to the stake a horseshoe lands, the more points that player gets. Each time a horseshoe completely encircles a stake, that player earns three points. If the horseshoe lands touching or leaning against the stake, the player earns one point. Players can play until a pre-determined number of points have been accumulated or when a specific number of rounds have been played by the group.

Scavenger Hunts

While this game may take a bit of planning, it is well worth the effort. Start by hiding small objects throughout your backyard while the children are inside. These objects can include anything from small colored toys to common backyard items like rocks, pinecones or yarn. Divide the group into teams and give each a list of the items that they are looking for. As the objects are located, you can instruct players to take a picture of the item and leave it where it is or to add it to a bag as part of their scavenger hunt bounty.

Backyard games are a great opportunity to bring the entire family together for some wholesome family fun. These games are sure to please crowds of all sizes.

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