Nov 30, 2017

Who Invented Which Equipment and When

In the world of construction, it’s not the contractors who reign. Instead, it’s the heavy equipment used to complete construction jobs, both big and small.

5 Most Popular Construction Equipment and Their History

Below, you’ll find the most popular construction equipment, when they were invented, and why it makes sense to use them.

1.    Excavators
Invented by Englishman William Otis in 1835, the first excavator was in the form of mechanized steam shovel. Back then, it was one of the most crucial developments in earth moving.

More developments have occurred since then and today, you’ll see different kinds of excavators. Generally, you’ll see them over tracks or wheels. They’re used mainly for moving earth, but they’re also needed to complete demolition, heavy lifting, and mining. Some excavators have treads and some are equipped with a crusher, shear, or hammer, depending on what kind of job is at hand.

2.    Crawler Dozers
Frenchman M. D’Hermand invented the first ever crawler tread trailer way back 1713. They’re pulled by goats at that time until 1770 when English inventor Richard Edgeworth built the first steam-driven tread system. The crawler dozer has undergone several more developments before it arrived to its built today. They’re used to complete construction jobs which require high tractive effort.

3.    Wheel Loaders
As their name suggests, wheel loaders are used for loading, carrying, excavating, and stockpiling earth. These construction equipment are famous for their versatility, payload capacity, and cost-effectivity. The first prototype was invented during the 1920s, in the form of agricultural tractors with a loader bucket.

4.    Articulated Haulers
Articulated haulers are not only used to transport material over rough terrain; they’re also used as a crane, hook loader, container truck, concrete mixer, water tanker, and timber transporter. One of the earliest articulated hauler was dubbed “Gravel Charlie” and manufactured by Volvo in 1966.

5.    Compact Track Loader
Compact Track Loaders or CTL are known for their ability to perform a variety of tasks be it in sandy and muddy ground conditions or slopes. The first revolutionary CTL was manufactured by All Seasons Vehicles or ASV Holdings, Inc. in 1990.

Should You Buy or Rent Construction Equipment?

These five construction equipment are must-haves in making your construction projects successful. So if you’ve got more big contracts coming down the pipe and your company is growing, it’s only wise to start investing on them.

On the other hand, you may want to consider renting them for now if your company is just starting to grow. This way, you won’t put your finances at risk.

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