Nov 17, 2017

Adorning your dwelling with wall art and other home decor items

‘Home home sweet home, there is no place like home’ goes the saying. Indeed there is no place like abode! Adorning your dwelling with unique home décor accessories can make all the difference. After a stressful day at work, the pleasant interiors only act as feast for the eyes. They work as stress busters. So, embellish your interiors with top lists accessories that meet your taste and preferences. It is not only the furniture, cushions, and curtains that make up the décor of a home. Add different shades and patterns in the form of wall art, table lamps, tissue box holders, photo frames, door mats, multi utility storages, and more. Be the subject of envy among your guests and neighbors with selective and distinctive home décor items!

When we speak about wall art you may opt for archival paper print with mount, solid wood poster, unframed photo satin paper, paper wall art, or wooden frame with acrylic or a combination of all to be hung in different rooms. You will be spoilt for choices in terms of designs, color, and patterns, provided you visit an online store that exhibits a good collection of the same. And then price ranges do vary; you can get a piece starting from Rs. 700 to Rs. 4000 depending on the wall art you choose.

You may come across a mesmerizing collection of wall art that maintains its tranquility and harmony between fun and frivolity. The different shades of colors with each piece telling a story will only tempt you to buy several pieces! Imagine your interior walls exhibiting various icons of the Indian cityscape in myriad hues – from the daily goings-on of rickshaws, trucks, taxis, and bicycles to colorful tales of bygone dynasties, flamboyant monuments, and more. Let your walls demonstrate archetypal emblems of life in India captured in art! Visit your preferred online home décor store where there is no dearth of such and more items.

Yes, your home interiors do speak volume about your personality. If you have a small home, you can give it a spacious look with the right choice of accessories, colors, and patterns. Just stuffing items will only give your interiors a messy look. Where innovation is the buzzword, why stay behind? Get home décor items that are innovative and trendy. Give your home a different look from the rest. Look for a décor store that sells a huge collection of myriad distinctive items. You will not regret for choice!

Turn Your Photos Into Wall Art

Short of printing and framing them, or storing them on the hard drive of the computer or a web server, there’s very little we can do with them at home. However, choosing your best looking and most ideal photograph it is possible to have this image turned into an incredible piece of wall art that will become a focal point and even a conversation starter.
Popular Wall art Items

A number of product options exist with some of the most common choices being the canvas print, the filmstrip montage, and the photo montage. It is also possible to have your image turned into one of a number of different pop art displays or have a colour image converted into a black and white one.

Choosing The Right Photograph

Regardless of the type of item you choose, the key is picking the right photograph. If you’re choosing specifically for the home then the subject of the photograph should be in keeping with the general look and style of the room it will be in. Photographs or images that are based on similar colours to the existing décor of your room can also make a superb addition to any room in any house.

Wall art Choices

You don’t have to use photographs for some of the wall art items and you can use digital images, scans, or even your own art instead. Imagine having your favourite sketch scanned and turned into a huge canvas print to hang on the wall in your office or in the front room. Alternatively, imagine converting a picture of your son or daughter into a Warhol pop art print for the games room or the dining room. The possibilities go on and on and are really only limited by your imagination so you can go as wild as you like.

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