Nov 5, 2017

Five Ways to Give Your House an Industrial Look

I have always had a thing for modern and futuristic design, and it seems like contemporary interior d├ęcor industry is headed towards industrializing the domestic setups. There are many DIY ways in which you can give your home that sleek industrial look. It all started in the 19th century when the industries were abandoned and taken for studios by various artists. And slowly, people adopted this trend for their houses as well. If you want a similar look for your home, you can choose these few tips and get the look you want.

1.   Old Wood
The wood in industrial look tends to look slightly weathered, and you can get this look very quickly. All you need to do is hit a flea market and find some worn out wood panels. You can even find furniture of this kind if want. Another way of getting this look is with the help of some sandpaper and paint. Get those old window frames made out of wood; they look beautiful! Old doors can also become a headboard; you just have to think creatively.
2.   Exposed Building Systems
In the old times, industries were purely functional, and therefore all the electrical and plumbing systems were left exposed. So, if you want to give your house that industrial look just makes sure that the gas fittings and water pipes do not stay visible, but you can keep a duct exposed here or there. Try using galvanized pipes for table legs, they look amazing.

3.   More Bricks!
The fired clay bricks used to be the primary building material in the world for hundreds of year. This element has been utilized for the sake of its durability, but unfortunately, it is not that easy to find these. Instead, you can find some brick veneers to add on the walls. You can put this on the wall behind the fireplace, or in the kitchen! Just be creative.
4.   Lighting
You can get those aluminum bulb cages and industrial fixtures that are like a pendant. Or bulb cages with steel or ribbed glass shades, they used to be the source of illuminating the factories. So, give the lighting a bit of a rusty touch to really achieve the old, industrial look at your home. It looks very artistic.
5.   Concrete Look
In old industries, the floors and walls were mainly made of concrete. Now you can opt for getting the concrete floor polished, but if it still becomes a bit too much for you, then you should opt for getting some pre-made concrete slabs for shelving, etc. to accentuate the interior.

Bonus Tip:
Here’s a bonus tip! Buy yourself a nice adjustable standing desk, because it serves many purposes along with keeping sensitive stuff out of children's reach such as your medicine box, insects spray, etc. Or you can lower the height of the desk so that your toddler or young one can use it studying, playing or having their meals.
I hope these tips helped!

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