Nov 24, 2017

Backyard as a Platform for Your Family DIY Projects

Your backyard always needs work. Sometimes it is trimming, other times it is decorating, but whichever it is, you can use some help. Spend your family time out in the fresh are, productively. Think of all the little things you can do to improve your garden and work on them together. Here are a couple of ideas where you can use the help of your little assistants even at a very young age.

Colorful Planters

Here is an activity for the entire family! The goal is to use a pallet as a holder for flower pots. The pots can be of various sizes and materials. Ask your kids to help you decorate them. You can use whichever technique you find the most appropriate for the pot you are decorating. Whatever you do, make it colorful. Once that is done, use hose clips of larger diameter, depending on the size of the pot and attach them to the upright pallet.

Colorful jar candle holders

Mason jars are some of the most amazing props you can find in your home. You can easily turn them into vases, planters, lanterns or candle holders. You can use different themes for your candle holders by cutting out self-adhesive paper into whichever shape you chose. Stick the shape onto the jar, paint it and remove the paper. Use either spray paint or acrylic paint. You can add some pebbles as a nest for candles. You can use wire to make hooks and hang them as lanterns, or you can place them on a firm surface as candle holders.

Paint the patio

Your kids are going to love this. Choose a pattern and colors to paint your patio blocks. Alternatively, use pebbles or mosaic tiles to create a mosaic. You can even combine the two. Kids will enjoy this as they can both paint away and focus while lining up the pebbles. Help them follow a pattern as much as they can.

Paint a mural

This will make you a super-cool parent and also be a hard job as it requires a lot of supervision. You want the mural to look nice as it will be on your wall for some time. Draw an outline before you start and then let them color it like a coloring book. This task may be too demanding for your kids, so have them paint smaller areas and you can catch up with the rest. Select paint which will make it last for several years. Your best bet is to choose an exterior painting color and make it 100% acrylic.

Make a wind chime

Make a wind chime or several of them. In order to do this, you need two pieces of thin wood or simply branches, some thread or very thin rope and something which actually chimes such as coins or shells. You can also make the pieces yourself out of clay or out of dough. Once you do it, dry them slowly, paint them and hang them on strings.

Putt-putt golf course

This is a more demanding project and unlike the previous ones, it can require a lot of dad’s assistance. Ask your children to think of their favorite obstacles or take them on a trip to a course to get to know the game. Swingeagle reports a growing number of children taking lessons to learn the rules and basic moves. Once they have an idea of what they want to do, they can draw it and you can either use plywood or cardboard for one of the usual favorites such as a windmill or a castle.

Build a race car track

Use patio blocks to make a race car track. Arrange them in a circle and draw the lines. Use some rocks and shrubs to make obstacles and race your toy cars on it. Once you are done playing, you still have a nice piece of garden art to look at.

As your children are growing up and your family is getting older, you can take on bigger projects. You can build a gazebo, a multilevel deck, a pool area. You can also teach them about gardening and ask them to assist you by tending to plants.

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