Nov 21, 2017

Reasons to hire a painting contractor

When it comes time to renovate and refurbish a home, you may be tempted to do it all on your own. But there’s a reason why painting contractors are in business. It’s because DIY doesn’t work for painting jobs. Here are some reasons why it makes sense to hire a painting contractor:

1.   It is a job that requires skills- anyone who has painted a room realizes it soon enough. Sometimes, too late. Visible paint marks, brush and roller marks are just some of the problems that a DIY presents. The painting Contractors New York NY know what needs to be done in order to eliminate all these errors.
2.   It’s a technical job- how many coats of paint are required for the job? What colors need to be mixed in order to create a certain shade? What work needs to go in before and after the job? These technical details are known only to a professional painting contractor and we’d do well to let them handle it.

Prep work is key- painting a space is not as simple as slapping some color on the walls. The wall needs to be prepped to receive paint at its optimum level. If there are holes left by nails, drilling, etc. they need to be patched. Cracks need to be filled and sanded down, ambient temperature needs to be gauged so that painting is done well, handling corners, caulking, priming, removing algae and mold- there’s a lot of work that goes into a painting job. Something as simple as spreading dust sheets on the floor and furniture can make a difference to the job. Protecting furniture and fixtures- this is an area where DIY folk don’t always put in the effort. If the headboard is screwed into the wall, paint around it. But professionals move furniture, cover it with plastic sheets to protect them and then start their work. Floors also require special care- marble and wood especially. Maybe there’s wall to wall carpeting that definitely needs protection if it can’t be removed. Cabinets and handles need to be looked after too.

3.   External paintwork- this is where the painting contractor becomes even more important. Exterior painting is hard, dangerous work and a professional is the only person who can do it well. From erecting scaffolding to removing accumulated grime and dirt, finding the right weather paint for the building- this is work that can only be trusted to a professional. It would be foolhardy to try it yourself.
4.   Post-paint work- after the painting job is done, furniture and fixtures need to be placed back. Cleaning has to happen too. Vacuuming floors, rags, paint chips, and garbage removed from the site, inspection done to make sure that the finish is perfect, and leaving the house in a pristine state- that’s what the professional does that a DIY person can’t necessarily do.
5.   Specialist painting- a professional is the right person for specialist work. For instance, with faux painting. To create a wall that looks like anything you want it to- stone, marble, even wood- that’s a job best trusted to the professionals.

Hiring a painting contractor ensures peace of mind. Choose someone who is established and reputed and has trained staff. 

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