Nov 23, 2017

A Top Three List of The Best Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs are quite expensive when compared to the normal indoor TVs and you also do not have many options as there are only a few companies manufacturing them. If you are thinking of using your indoor TV as an outdoor TV then think again, indoor TVs are not meant to weather the elements and when it becomes too hot or too cold, the TV will malfunction. But if you use an outdoor TV you can be rest assured that the TV will work in bright sunlight as well as in extreme cold conditions. The top three best outdoor TVs are:
SunBrite TV:

When it comes to outdoor TVs then there are not many that can beat SunBrite. SunBrite has a Veranda Series with 4K UHD. This TV series is considered to be the best when you need to place a TV in the shade of your veranda or patio. The TVs in this series are very bright, in fact they are nearly 30% more brighter than your usual indoor TV. This is marketed though as an entry level series and if you are looking for something basic then this is the series for you. Then there is the SunBrite Signature Series. This is better than the basic Veranda Series and is perfect for areas with lot of light. If your patio is only partially shaded, then the Signature Series is perfect for you. The Signature series is totally weather proof and will work in all weather conditions. The company says that this series TVs are 3 times brighter than your usual indoor TVs. The top end series is the SunBrite Pro Series and TVs in this series are considered to be the best. These TVs do not need shade and you get great clarity in direct sunlight too. The TVs come with anti glare glass and those are removable too for cleaning and servicing. The TVs in this series are also weather proof TVs and you need not worry about using this TV during rain or even snow. It is ideal to be placed in the yard or the pool area or an open patio. If you want the best then the Pro Series is right for you.

SkyVueNextGen TV:

SkyVue Next Gen TVs are designed for the outdoors and these TVs can be used in direct sunlight, there is no need for covered or partially covered patios and yards. The bright display is the reason why this TV is quite popular. An added advantage is that it is a Smart TV and you can connect to many apps and view your favourite programs.

Cosmos Outdoor TVs:

Cosmos is another company with a good market share in the outdoor TV business. The Cosmos outdoor TVs are very bright and can be used in direct sunlight. An anti glare glass is also a part of the TV and the extra brightness will not harm your eyes.

These are the three best outdoor TV brands. You need to check each one and then decide on the best for your home.

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