Oct 7, 2017

When You Need Pest Control in Your Home

Most homeowners can control household pests by using proper sanitation and good housekeeping practices along with a few preventive measures. However, there are some extensive infestations, or a type of pest, that is difficult to control with chemicals from a home improvement store.

For these situations, you need a pest control La Plata MD to remove unwanted guests from your house. Selecting the right service from hundreds in the directory may prove less challenging with some guidance.
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Take Time to Do Your Homework

When you first realize that you have a pest problem, you probably want it eliminated immediately. This is very understandable. Not only are these things a nuisance, but there could be some very expensive damage to the structure of your home. Fortunately, some problems can be delayed a few days to give you time to find a competent and reasonably priced company.

Get at least three estimates from prospective services. Most pest control service offer free estimates.

Expect Valuable and Quality Service

Taking time to choose a good company also increases your chances of hiring one that believes in providing quality service. Value in the service is an important factor to determining cost. Measure the company's competency in evaluating your problem. Misuse of pesticides can lead to health and property damage. This is not something you want to risk by simply choosing the least expensive service.

Questions to Ask

Have a list of questions for a prospective pest control company. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.
  • How many years has your company been in business?
  • Can you provide me with a list of 3-5 references?
  • Do you hire only certified and licensed service technicians?
  • Can I have a copy of your pest control license, labels for all pesticides needed and the rate at which all (or one) will be applied to treat my pest problem?
Beware of Pest Control Companies with These Practices

Another way to narrow your list of options is to strike any company off the list that does one or all the following:
  • Offers pest control as a package deal such as tree trimming or general home repair services
  • Comes to your house unexpectedly to show insects they found in your neighbor's house as evidence that your house is also infested
  • Claims to have a secret formula when all pesticides are required to be registered with the EPA and include a list of all active ingredients
Any guarantees are only as reliable as the company that offers them. Make sure you select a professional company that will reduce pesticide use, yet help to eliminate pests.

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