Oct 26, 2017

6 Best Places in Texas for Retirees

Retirement is something that a lot of people look forward to. A lot of people see this as a time for them to simply enjoy and relax. It is not surprising that many retirees make a huge move to a different place upon retirement. Most of the time, the place where they have lived for many years has been chosen because of their work and family situation. When their kids have moved out and they have retired, retirees often want to relocate to a more peaceful and relaxed environment.

If you are nearing retirement and planning to relocate as well, you might want to consider moving to Texas. Aside from the low cost of living and warm weather, those living in Texas also enjoy zero state income tax. The Texan terrain is also becoming a huge draw for retirees as they can have their choice of mountains, forested hills, prairies, or coastal plains. These allow people of all ages more time outdoors for exercise and to appreciate nature.

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Convinced to spend your retirement years in Texas like what many retirees are doing? Here are some places in the Lone Star State that are becoming popular as top retirement destinations:
·         Abilene. Included in Forbes’ 25 Best Places to Retire, Abilene offers low cost of living, low crime rate, and has a high number of doctors per capita which is something very essential for if you belong to the aging population. It is a family-oriented and conservative town where older people will easily feel right at home. Aside from the abundance of family-friendly places, there are a lot of churches in town.
·         Fredericksburg. Clean air and great weather are among the essentials when you are looking for a retirement place, and these are exactly what makes Fredericksburg an ideal retirement destination. It is a quaint, lovely city that older people will find appealing. Many retirees think so too because over 30% of Fredericksburg’s population are in their senior years.
·         Richardson. This city is among the best places to raise a family and live in in the United States which makes it equally attractive to retirees. Richardson has very low crime rate, offers a lot of outdoor activities, and has a low cost of living. It is an excellent place for retirees who want to live near their adult children and their families because Richardson also has excellent schools and great employment opportunities.
·         Kerrville. Although Kerrville is not a place that will appeal to everyone, it definitely has a lot to offer when it comes to the older generation. It has a low population and offers safety and security. Retirees will appreciate the great healthcare and wide open spaces that allow for gentle walking and strolling.
·         San Antonio. With its low cost of living, scenic terrain, and excellent healthcare, San Antonio is a great place for retirees. There is also a lot of affordable housing so finding a home won’t make a huge dent on your savings. Like most of Texas, you can enjoy low cost of living in San Antonio along with the rich arts, entertainment, sports, and history that it offers.
·         El Paso. If you want to live near the mountains, El Paso is a great option. You even get the bonus of being close to the Rio Grande river. The place is often described as laid-back and friendly – the kind of charm that many older people will surely appreciate. Since it is a border city beside Mexico, there is a great diversity and the city is rich in culture.  Retirees also get to enjoy the affordable housing and low cost of living. 

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