Oct 13, 2017

Safety Tips for Designing the Roof This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. Your treats and sweets for your scary and friendly visitors are ready and wrapped in small gift bags. Your own costume is ready. Who says you can’t join in the fun?

Your mind is brimming with decoration ideas for your home and your roof for the festivities. You can’t help but feel excited just thinking of those kids’ faces when they see your Halloween inspired home.
5 Tips to Ensure Safety When Decorating Your Roof for Halloween

Before you jump into decoration mode, let us consider one important thing: your safety.
Home decorating activities, especially roof decorating, are magnets for home accidents. When you decide to do decorating by yourselves, you have to be extra careful. Slips and falls are not uncommon home accidents. Fortunately, accidents can be avoided with precaution and preparation.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you are not injured come the Halloween festivities.

1.    Use the right ladder for your roof decorating activity.
Your ladder is your entry point to your roof. Make sure that it is sturdy, secure, and in good working condition. It must be of sufficient height (at least three feet taller than your entry point to your roof.) Before you climb those steps, ask someone to hold the ladder’s base for you while you climb up.

2.    Watch out for any roof damage or weak areas on your roof.
Choose a damage-free area as your entry point to your roofing. You’d want to stand on something stable and strong that can support your weight.

Before you walk on your roof, check for missing shingles and other damages. These parts of your roof are compromised and may not be able to hold your weight or any heavy decorations.

3.    Use only outdoor lights for your lighting.
Indoor lights are made just for that, indoors. They cannot withstand the elements outside the home. If installed outdoors, they can be potential fire hazards. Make sure to install only outdoor lights on your roof and outdoor decorations. 

Also, check the wires and the extension cords that you will be using. Frayed wires are also potential fire hazards. Make sure that the lights and cords that you will use are in good working condition.

4.    Work with a partner.
Roof decorating projects are difficult when done alone. Always work with a partner. Your partner can hold your ladder for you when you go up and down from the roof. He can also assist you if you need something. Having someone around while working on your roof means you have someone who can help you, or call for help, if any accidents should happen.

5.    Hire roofing professionals.
Ensure the safety of your roofs. Roofing professionals can do regular checks and maintenance on your roof to ensure that it is safe and uncompromised. If roof decorating is hard on you, then hire a roofing professional.

A reliable roofer has the tools and equipment needed to get your decorating right. Don’t risk your safety, and your family’s as well. Contact a roof specialist today. 

Written by Enrich Construction, the best service for roofing in Columbia, MO

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