Oct 11, 2017

Best Lighting Ideas for Your New Apartment

Diwali, the festival of lights is just a week away and seemingly you do not have much time in your hand to decorate your home. We understand your requirement and thus have come up with some interesting ideas to make your apartment filled with vibrant colours and lights. If you want your apartment to be the talk of the town then you have to come to us. Here are a few ideas that would help you create the true spirit of Diwali in your home.

Bring Golden Lights

If you have bought a new home recently, say a 3 BHK apartment in Madhyamgram, then you must be little puzzled with the fittings of lights. To make things fall in place we have come here for your help. First and foremost get golden lights for your rooms as this greets the goddess of luxury and wealth. This time as the market becomes filled with modern and trendy lights, you might feel like picking up the subtle lights for your rooms. However, you have to remember that Diwali time only demands golden lights and not the other ones. 

Bring Lampshades

If you feel changing wall light fixtures can be tiresome at this point of time, then get some innovative lampshades. It is absolutely up to you when you go to buy the lamp shades. You can either choose the vintage ones or can go for some traditional yellow lamps.

Introduce Green Light Effect

As today’s focus is to Go green and Go eco-friendly, why not introduce some green light effects for Diwali this year. This would be a great way to make all your relatives, neighbours and other guests aware of the environmental safety. Let them know how important it is to add greenery to every home decor.
Say for example; cover the lamp shades with fake shrubs so that it gives your home decor a fresh earthy look.

Install Lights in the Wall

A week can be a good time to get some light fittings done, but if you find this is less then does not try this tip. Add lights in the walls to perfectly illuminate the rooms. Apart from this, such light fittings can make a great spot, thereby, helping you highlight your memorable pictures on the wall.

Brighten up Your Living Room

You must be aware of the fact that a living room draws the attention of the guest in the first instance. This Diwali if you are looking forward to impressing your guests then go for the white lights and pastel shades and let your room illuminate.

Apart from these tips, you can add hanging lamps and wait to see the aura of your house completely transforming.  If you have decided by now what exactly to do with the lighting of your apartment then do not waste time and just go ahead. We hope, the above-mentioned points were helpful enough for you to make your house look beautiful this Diwali.

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