Oct 8, 2017

Are You Looking for Trusted Air Conditioning Repair Service?

According to the calendar, summer is officially over, but Texas dos not expect to see cold temperatures any time soon. Many homes and businesses still need their air conditioning systems to work. The units that think it's time to rest may need ac repair Conroe to continue operating at peak performance levels.

Now is a good time to have your unit checked and replaced, if necessary. Here are a few good reasons why.

Lower Demand, Affordable Prices

Air conditioning units will typically only last for 12-15 years in Texas. The intense heat in this part of the country causes units to work overtime to keep your home or business cool. If you have a system that is over or approaching 12 years, now is a good time to consider replacing it.

Doing this before your system fails helps to ensure you are not scrambling for comfort when temperatures rise. Additionally, replacing an a/c system in the summer is the worst time. Demand is high, which means the low supply extends your wait time.

More Savings with Manufacturer's Rebates

Another incentive to getting a repair or replacement during the off-season is to take advantage of rebates from manufacturers. Most rebates are offered months prior to summer when fewer people are thinking about their systems. Again, it is common for more people to buy systems in the summer. Take advantage of greater savings now before it is too late.

Lower Utility Bills Next Summer

You might be accustomed to having a higher energy bill in July and August. Give your budget a bonus by replacing you're a/c system before summer starts and that first bill may surprise you. Generally, a new system will use up to 50 percent less energy than the old one you use currently.

Be Proactive in Getting What You Want and Need

When it is hot, sales people are focused on selling a system to one customer so they can move on to the next. You are one of those anxious customers desperate for relief. Take a proactive stance now and choose a good sales and/or installation company offers what is best, not just most expensive.

Being pushed to settle for subpar customer service for one of the most important systems in your home or business is not acceptable. They might sell you something that is not sized properly and only cools certain rooms. Get your money's worth by selecting a company to service or replace your air conditioning unit before you need it most.

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