Sep 10, 2017

Walkera Goggle 4 Aerial Video Glasses with Double Antennas

Walkera bought the Walkera Goggle 4 from Bang good and the package was sent out quickly and provided in 14 days. This is initially that I have no problems regarding DHL’s delivery services.
The Fpv video google comes in a sophisticated card board box which causes the feeling that we are working with top quality products. Inside the box, I found beside the Walkera Goggles 4 and its battery: AC/DC adaptor, little USB wire, two 5.8G antennas and instructions.

On the top end of the googles are found two SMA connections. The center one is devoted to the LHCP antenna and the left one for the rubberized ducky antenna. Although the Walkera Goggle 4 primary doesn’t have a built-in DVR, you can add an exterior one through the AV Outcome. You can find the link situated near little USB electrical energy (right side behind a flap).

Walkera Goggle 4 review – Usage

While these Fpv video google were designed to perform together with Walkera rushing quadcopters I think they are appropriate with mainly almost every other 5.8G systems. I examined it with my TBS Finding and it worked perfectly even with Walkera my customized speed. Dressed in this Walkera Goggles 4 is comfier than the other  Fpv video  google which I own. Really the only challenging identify is around the nasal area where the structure is a bit unknown. Walkera Although I just read on another review produced by an other that there is enough room to use it with prescribed googles I haven’t handled to do so. In my individual viewpoint, it is very hard to develop an Fpv video google that fit in eye googles. In the release of my review, I said that the management keep is a smart idea. After few utilization, I modified my individual viewpoint and I would prefer a multi-button solution. Thanks to the dual-antenna style the play-back top quality sign were very constant.

I handled to fly about 300 meters far for me until it clip sign has become jerky (using 600 mW TX). Although the LCD display is not HD, the picture top quality is more than appropriate. The promoted operate time provided by the 7.4v 2000mAh is about A couple of time which in my individual viewpoint it is enough for FPV flight tickets but in case you want, even more, you can link any exterior USB energy bank

5”HD Huge Screen
With the 5”HD large display, you will have more excitements in rushing and not skip any details while rushing or viewing video clips.

5.8G Dual Antennas
With 5.8G Dual Antennas and 40 programs which support real-time HD pictures transmitting, appropriate with all standard FPV video sign, you don′t need to worry the sign for wedding celebration. 

Intimate Ergonomic office Design
With humanized style, it is simple and relaxed, flexible and little pressure to face, portable.

AV Input/Output
AV Input/Output makes you have a individual theatre and watch films online consistently, having and experiencing the fun through it.

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