Sep 11, 2017

Diwali festival celebration - 2017 Trends

Diwali is one of the ancient festival of Hindus in India. The expectations of Diwali are very high even now in this current trend. People will celebrate this Diwali by bursting crackers, preparing and sharing sweets to each other. In India each celebration has one significant reason and they will associate with some cultures and traditions.

There are several histories in this festival of lights and they will celebrate in unique manner. In North India they are celebrating Diwali on occasion of return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya with his wife and brother Laxman after 14 years of exile. The return also indicates the good over evil so they celebrating this festival with great grandeur and excitement in different ways.Likewise, in some parts of India they celebrating this Diwali as the end of Ravana the evil giant. In Punjab they will not celebrate the Diwali with crackers but they light their houses with candles and diyas.

Mostly in Chennai the people will search for buy online crackers and order many crackers and they celebrate the Diwali in grand manner. Do you think the trend has been changed? IT companies are working hardly to achieve their goals for 24/7 and Diwali is the right time to take rest and get refreshed for few days with their family.

In many IT companies they are planning for the big events on occasion of Diwali for the employees. This is one of the most interesting way to celebrate the Diwali without crackers and pollutions. The trend has been changing continuously every year. Many people will go for theatres to watch out their favourite movie and stars on Diwali and they celebrate by welcoming the stars in big screen. Many of them are gone mad by preparing the cut-outs, posters for the stars on occasion of film release.

Don’t spend much on Diwali. There are some eco-friendly trendy ideas and re-establish the essence of Diwali. Instead of spending money on sweets from shops try out different sweet recipe in home and celebrate the Diwali with safe and healthy foods. Substitute candles and electric diyas with the good old diyas and they are bio degradable, cost effective and it looks very beautiful. By using this you can also reduce the electric consumption charges that normally reaches high at the time of celebrations.

In many homes they are interested in Rangolis on early Diwali morning to decorate their houses. Instead of using artificial colors try to put Rangolis with rice and pulses. Use flowers like chrysanthemums, roses, lotus and leaves to give the finishing touches to your Rangoli. Instead of spending money on firecrackers, the same money could be used to make some capital investment at home, or buy some book and new clothes.

Spread happiness and joy on this auspicious occasion by donating bloods, new clothes to poor people and sponsoring meal to many ashrams and it will speak out about you for all the seasons and will be one of the memorable Diwali celebration for you.

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