Sep 10, 2017

Tips to get more out of a small room or tiny nook in your house

Whether your home is a small, cozy apartment or a big house with lots of small rooms, making a space that’s cluttered seem bigger is not something that can’t be done. The key is to leverage what you have available, and accessorize to create the illusion or more space.

Every home has weird spaces that seem “undecorable”. It could be a tricky corner, or just a area of the house that you just don’t know how to match with the rest. Regardless, there are affordable ideas you can use to switch things up; and make a small room look airy, spacious and relaxing. Here are some tips to help you get started.
Repainting the walls

Whenever you feel in the mood for a change, but you’re on budget, the smartest thing that you can do is repaint the walls. That dark green you’ve had for the last 5 years in the kitchen could be the main reason your cooking areas looks small and unappealing. To switch things up, we recommended that you repaint the walls in a lighter nuance. Ivory is cool this season; but what do to you if it matches with the furniture, rug, and other accessories you have in the kitchen?

The solution: colorful accessories. You can always redesign with accessories in case you get bored. But repainting is a lot more challenging. Keep things simple when doing so, and complement your kitchen with flower pots, and other tall accessories to add height. You’ll love the end result.

Glass accessories & mirrors

Is your home office too small? Do you feel trapped and can’t work properly? Maybe it’s time for a change. Replace paintings with mirrors facing the window; this way you create a virtual window that reflects more natural light. Glass accessories like tall vases and a working desk with a glass top will instantly change the room’s appeal.

Replace dark shades with lighter ones; yellow, for example, might seem like a smart choice. Since we’re talking about an office space where you probably spend 8 hours a day working; it’s good to have natural light (as much as possible).
Go crazy with stripes

Stripes are great when the aim is to widen a room. Replace an old blanket with a newer model with horizontal lines; keep the pattern on the walls too. To the naked eye, it will seem that your room is bigger (even if it’s not). It will become a real pleasure to spend time in your living area once again. In terms of colors, feel free to choose combo that match the rest of your decor.

White ceiling

Assuming that you’ve made the bold decision to repaint the wall of your house, a smart move would be to keep the wall white. The non-color doesn’t just open up your private room; it also adds height. To complement the effect. Hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. Settle on a lighter color palette to allow natural light to enter your home and give it a fresh new vibe.

Smart accessories

Leaving aside common accessories like flower pots and paintings - which make a home feel cozy - you should also invest in a new rug or carpet. There are hundreds of cool models you can choose. The best should features tones of pastel. Zig-zag designs are in trend these days; their purpose is not just to create the illusion of extra space. Patterned rugs add movement and support fluidity. It’s a great trick that works long-term; even if you choose to repaint the walls or change the accessories.

Bottom line is, making a small space seem bigger is not that challenging. Explore the web for some insights and guides to help you decide. Whether you choose to repaint or change curtains and switch to roman blinds, the key is to have a theme in mind. Try not to mix too many styles because you’ll add even more clutter.
When was the last time to make a change into your home? Don’t you think it’s time to switch things up? Widen your nook and make it stand out with tricks that are affordable and convenient. Put your imagination to good use, and your home will become a Zen place you’ll love for years to come.

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