Sep 16, 2017

5 reasons why you must upgrade your lift

Like all electrical and mechanical equipment, a lift will need to be either replaced or properly updated. If a lift is properly maintained and regularly serviced it can last without any trouble or hitches for many years. If you own a premise that has lifts installed then read on as in this article we have highlighted the 5 reasons why you must upgrade your lift. 

1.       It’s more convenient
Sometimes an old lift can’t be replaced due to the existing layout and design of the one that’s already installed. So in this case it’s better to have your lift upgraded or modernised. 

Occasionally, older lifts do not require complete replacement so a modernisation package where older or obsolete components are replaced with newer ones is actually the best option for many. 

2.       It will make your lift more reliable
If your lift has older parts or components then the likelihood of it breaking down often is highly likely. When a lift fails you will be looking at long periods of downtime and mounting costs that you probably cannot afford. If you replace these older components then downtime and costs will be kept to a minimum.

By adding new components or features to your lift you will also be able to comply with the latest lift standards.

3.       It will increase the overall value of your building

A well maintained modernised lift is less likely to fail, saving you the costs of repairs in the long run. Having this will only add value to your property. Modern features like a re-skinned door, new lighting and mirrors will also naturally add value to your lift and premises.

4.       You can expect better performance
By upgrading a lift you can expect a faster, smoother ride. This will of course lead to better people traffic flow within your premises.  You can get better performance from your lift by replacing the control system, gearbox or drive unit.

5.       It’s safer
Adding new components or doing a full upgrade of the lift won’t just lead to better performance but it will actually make the lift safer.

Revised legislation on lifts state that it must have good disabled access or have particular health and safety features in place- so this is another good reason on why you should modernise your lift. For example, large buttons or Braille should be in place for those using the lift who may be blind or have impaired vision.

Most importantly you can also add emergency communication systems to let passengers inform anyone of when they become trapped in the lift, so installing this comes highly recommended. 

Generally the signs that your lift is in need of replacing include long waiting times on the lift, regular breakdowns and power quality. Lifts use a high proportion of the energy, so using a meter to monitor the amount of energy being used is a good indicator of whether it’s time for you to upgrade your lift.

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