Sep 5, 2017

Discover the Top 12 Low-Cost DIY Gardening Projects Made with Consumer Recycled Plastic

Consumer recycled plastic is easy to find! Also, it's typically super-affordable (often, it's free!) and it allows gardeners to get really creative! This material may be utilized in order to give a garden more charm, functionality and visual impact. Today, we'd like to share the top 12 low-cost DIY gardening projects made with consumer recycled plastic.

Try one or more of these ideas in order to change it up in your own home garden.

1.) Make a Garden Bird Feeder

A clean plastic container may be re-purposed and turned into a bird feeder for the garden. Just cut a slot in the centre, add a piece of smooth and sanded wood, which will be a place for birds to perch as they feed, and then fill the container (lid on) with birdseed.

2.) Use Plastic Gravel Grids Under Flower Beds

Plastic gravel grids are interlocking squares which are made from recycled plastic. When placed under flower beds, below the soil, they add strength and help to create a surface which is weed-resistant. You'll find these handy grids online for affordable prices.
3.) Make Planters to Big Plastic Containers

If you have big, empty plastic containers lying around, wash them out to remove product residue and then cut the tops off. When you do, you'll be able to make budget-friendly planters in no time flat.

4.) Use Plastic Planks for Garden Borders

A nice border made from plastic planks which look like wood will give your garden definition and more visual impact.  

5.) Layer Old Tired and Use as Planters

Old tires are fairly easy to find. While they aren't plastic, they are recycled rubber and that's close enough. Paint them bright colours and then layer them on soil. Add flowers to create a creative flower bed which is different and fun to look at.

6.) Create An Easy Herb Garden

When you cut the tops off of smaller plastic containers and then plant herbs in them, you'll be able to create a charming and practical herb garden quickly, without investing in compact planters. 

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7.) Create a Garden Pathway

A pathway which winds through your garden will make it easier for you and visitors to see the sights. Create one by mapping out the pathway, ordering plastic paving grids and then putting them under a layer of soil. Then, border the pathway if desired. The plastic paving grids will add tons of stability and contribute to an even surface. They will also deter weed growth.

8.) Make Novelty Planters With Plastic Bottles

If you love gardens which have a touch (or more than a touch!) of kitschy charm, then why not turn your old plastic drink bottles into planters with cute animal faces? Cut the tops off the planters. Then, add facial details, such as pig's snouts and piggy eyes, with buttons, plastic drink lid caps or whatever else you have on hand. Fill with soil and add seeds or flowers. 

9.) Make a Garden Dream catcher

If you have transparent plastic lying around, cut it into feather shapes and then paint the feathers with sheer, bright colours. String the feathers onto a circular base, by hanging them below the base with fishing wire. When the light catches your plastic feathers, they'll light up the way that stained glass does. This is a great way to add a welcome shot of colour and symbolism to a garden. Dream catchers are supposed to keep bad dream away!
10.) Make Seed Starter Pots

Cutting two litre plastic bottles in half and using the bottom halves as seed starter planters will be a smart way to ensure that your seedlings are ready to be planted at the perfect time. You may keep the planters in a shed or other sheltered area and then transfer them to your garden when it's time to plant. Just remove the soil and seedlings and then put them where you want them to be. Save the plastic planters for the next round of seed nurturing.

11.) Create a Ground-Level Patio in Your Garden

If you love to lounge, surrounded by your plants and flowers, why not put plastic paving grids under a square area of soil which is big enough for a chaise-longue and an end table. Make it even bigger if you want to entertain. Once you've laid the plastic paving grids down and covered them with a thin layer of pebbles, add soil. Then, add a lounger, a frosty drink and yourself!

12.) Decorate a Fence with Recycled Plastic

If you have a fence or trellis which is quite bare and plain, jazz it up with some plastic discs that you've cut to size from old plastic containers. Paint the discs in your favourite colours and string them together. Affix them to the fence or trellis. They'll resemble wind chimes, without the noise.

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