Sep 4, 2017

Few Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Renovating Your Bathroom

Bathroom is a very important place in any household and if you are planning to renovate your bathroom then make sure that everyone feels comfortable while using this room. Therefore, while renovating your bathroom following mistakes must be avoided.

Avoid overspending

This usually happens if you do not plan your entire requirement before undertaking the renovation work. Besides that, by following these tips you can certainly reduce your expenses considerably.

·         Use standard fixtures and fitting instead of ordering for customised bathroom fixtures
·         You must watch sales campaign of various vendors where during certain period they offer discounts for various bathroom items like sanitary ware, cabinets, tap ware, tiles etc. Prefer to buy these items in advance to save some money.
·         Try to sell your old fixtures and fittings so that you can get some returns from your scrap items.
·         Avoid the location of various bathroom facilities to avoid additional expense of piping.

Avoid poor ventilation

If there is not enough light and air inside the bathroom then the humidity present in the bathroom may dampen your walls and ceilings. It can also give rise to formation of moulds in due course of time. You must install proper exhaust fan if you do not have enough room to have wide window space.

Avoid overcrowding the bathroom

It is necessary that you must design your space for maximising space in a small bathroom so that you may not overcrowd this room with too many accessories. You must make sure that you get sufficient amount of horizontal space inside the bathroom so that your movement is not restricted due to overcrowding. Placement of door in right location can also create sufficient space in the bathroom.

Avoid poor lighting

Good lighting inside the bathroom will enable you to do shaving and waxing and doing various other makeup activities. You must also erect a large mirror so that it can reflect the light inside the bathroom to increase the visibility inside.

Avoid installing additional bathtub

If you already have a bathtub installed, then avoid creating any additional one as most of the time it will remain unutilized and your bathroom will lose considerable amount of horizontal space.

Avoid poor drainage

Make sure that your bathroom remains dry when it is not under use. Therefore, it is necessary that the drainage system inside the bathroom must be very effective. While installing floor tiles, special care must be given about their levelling so that no water remains held up in any place for a long time. Poor drainage can cause formation of bacteria, moulds etc.

Avoid using cheap accessories

Make sure that you install good quality accessories that last for several years. They should not only look good, but also be made from any well reputed manufacturer, who offers guarantee about their performance.

Not sufficient storage space

Sufficient amount of storage space is very essential in every bathroom so that you can store all your toiletry items in proper way. There should be enough cabinets available in the bathroom. 

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