Jul 21, 2017

Turnkey Interior Design Solutions that Designers Swear By

The whole interior design industry has undergone a paradigm shift in last few years. The experts no more go by the books and instead look for inspirations around them.

In preparation for interior decoration, home owners empty their pockets on stacks of thingummies that somehow consistently manage to achieve underwhelming results in the end. There are those who can’t just seem to get it right even when they have everything it needs, and then there are some just happen to make it possible just by a good taste. Interior decorators, we call them.

Interior decoration no longer lives and dies by the old codes and rules anymore. That said, it’s time to throw the old dog-earned book of rules out the window and embrace new ideas, most of which, the books don’t have. That is the beauty of this day and age. Most turnkey ideas, irrespective of the industry, are adlib gigs.

Here are some secrets that the most successful pros agree on that can bring about a zing and a twist to the interior of luxury villas and duplexes. They will cost you little and set you free of your worries of failure.

The Right Color-Scheme

If this is done right, half the battle is won.

The basic ingredient of home decoration is color. If you can’t get it right, the rest of the job is anyway undone. Color is one thing that makes for a makeover so complete, that it needs to appear everywhere from head to toe, in case of a house, from ceiling to floor. So, what you need to come up with, first thing is a color scheme, one that works best for your home.

Use your imagination or go by the template schemes. Dark shades like royal blue go great with pale blue, and for a light brightness, add on a touch of soft orange. Presence of a little grass green only livens up the swatch. That’s a little something to get your started.

Investment Pieces Always in the Center

Make your investments visible and not keep them hidden in some corner.

Investment pieces are those that you have spent considerably on. For all intents and purposes, they deserve to be seen. So, don’t stash them away on the side or in a corner where eyes may not reach immediately. Instead, let them be the focal point of the room.

Antiques, rare finds, etc. should be the very essence of the room, and the only way to ensure that is to make them the center, or at least the front of a space.

Low Furniture for Greater Height

Low-slung wooden pieces are great props for making you walls look taller.

A house doesn’t have to have an extra-high ceiling for the sense of height. Just choose low furniture, and that is not to say that you are to look into children-size furniture. There are some spectacular pieces of low-slung furniture that are as aesthetically interesting as any. The only advantage with them is that they make the walls look taller giving the vertical of the room an inch or two.

Accent the Window Trims

Window accents can bring a lot of excitement to the whole interior décor of your luxury villas in Bangalore.  

A little color on the window trims is a great way of making the visuals of your home a bit more interesting. Sadly, that window of opportunity is often overlooked. Paint them green if you like, and that will make sense if you have a landscape in the background. Paint them black and the panels will just disappear after sundown. Whichever color you choose, make sure it matches with something in the surroundings.

Mirrors for Warmth

Mirrors, if used correctly, always add some magic to the home styling.

Mirrors for interior are often recommended to improve the depth of field. There is that, but there is another dimension to that idea too. Paneled mirrors on the walls add warmth to the inside decoration of your house. Mirrors with alcove linings not only look very rich and luxurious, but are very French in style. So, if your house effuses a certain French feel in its décor, then go ahead and pick some mirrors.

A Makeover for the Sofas

Sofas are important as they are one of the first things anyone walking in your house would see.

Don’t turn skimpy on the idea of decorating the sofa. Buying a large, comfortable, expensive-looking daybed is not the end of the exercise. Throw on some colorful skins on the throw pillows, or dress the seat cushions in some exotic fabric and you’re back in business. Even something small as a pillow can make the sight so refreshing.

One other thing that you can do to play up the mood of your home is amplify the neutral shades in the walls with some interesting textures. 


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