Jul 14, 2017

Have a Home’s Chimney Inspected Once a Year

When your home has a chimney, it is essential to have it maintained by a certified chimney sweep. Chimney repair Washington DC companies have knowledgeable technicians available to inspect, clean and fix different styles of chimneys. Having a defective chimney is dangerous because it can lead to a buildup of lethal carbon monoxide gas or an internal fire that can burn down a building. A chimney may look simple on the outside, but on the inside, the chimney’s shaft and fireplace are complex items. Today, most chimneys are lined with metallic sheets to help prevent an internal fire, but it is vital to hire a certified chimney sweep.
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Chimney Sweeps Mix Mortar To Repair Bricks

Chimneys are exposed to a variety of weather conditions and high winds. In some cases, a chimney doesn’t have a cap, and debris can enter its top, creating a blockage. With a blockage in the chimney, smoke can’t escape properly. If a chimney is made of stones or bricks, then the materials can also degrade, and a chimney sweep must repair the items by mixing mortar to keep the items in place. It is also possible for the flue to develop cracks that require an efficient repair.

A Chimney Repair Makes It Safer To Use

While inspecting and repairing the exterior chimney, the chimney sweep also looks at a home’s rooftop to make sure that there aren’t any holes where dangerous gases can enter. The inspection of a chimney also includes looking at the interior mechanisms, including the fireplaces. Modern chimney sweeps use cameras to inspect the interior structure of the fireplace and chimneys while viewing the information on a computer. Fixing a chimney can make it safer to use while making it more efficient.

Installation of Caps

If your home has a chimney that is filled with debris constantly, then it is imperative to have a cap on the top. A chimney sweep can measure the opening of a chimney shaft to design a cap that fits correctly. A chimney cap can prevent nesting of animals, birds and insects to keep the creatures out of your home. You should have your home’s fireplaces and chimneys repaired once a year, but when the devices are in good condition, the items won’t become as contaminated with creosote and other debris.

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