Jul 25, 2017

Bathroom Design Ideas: Turn your Bathroom into a 'Hydrotherapy Room'

Hydrotherapy is not a new medicinal technique; in fact, we can trace its origins back to the twentieth century when it was used in London asylums presumably to cure mental illness. Today, hydrotherapy is a therapeutic procedure, which uses water to relieve chronic pains, reduce inflammation, and promote good circulation and other internal body functions.

How Hydrotherapy Works

A hot water bath or shower is recommended if the goal is to relax and release tension in the muscles due to chronic pain or stress. Cold water is also used for specific treatments such as reducing swelling that occurred within the last 48 hours. This is common among athletes who often take ice cold baths or showers after a rigorous training.

Hydrotherapy clinics often have full-body bathtubs where patients can soak into for a prescribed amount of time. Some showers have strategically located jet nozzles that can massage common tension points in the body. Spas that offer hydrotherapy usually have a more luxurious but still therapeutic approach. Scents, steam, lights and even music are all chosen carefully to create a relaxing or invigorating ambience.

Designing your Hydrotherapy Bathroom at Home

Perhaps the best thing about hydrotherapy is that you don’t need to go to a hospital, clinic or spa to enjoy it (although it is definitely advisable that you seek sound medical advice before indulging in a long shower, especially if you plan to use extremely hot or extremely cold water). Body showers, wall-mounted jets and multi-function showers can be combined to create the same relaxing and therapeutic shower experience in your own bathroom at home.

Here is a brief checklist of fixtures that will give you the opportunity to do hydrotherapy at home:

·         Overhead multi-function shower with multiple jet settings
·         Body showers and jets
·         Hand shower
·         Water temperature control capability
·         LED lights with adjustable color settings
·         Shower enclosure
·         Carpeted floor with a “drying area”

It is possible to set up a shower system by combining several types of showers. For instance, you can install a wall- or ceiling-mounted head shower plus hand shower, and then later install a body jet. If you have the budget for this project though, why wait when you can have a full-fledged hydrotherapy opportunity the soonest possible time?

A multi-function shower system will do the trick. This has built-in shower settings that can give you various water flow types. For example, you can choose a rain setting, which will mimic rainfall. A waterfall setting releases water from fewer points but with wider openings to duplicate the free-flow of a waterfall. A mist setting releases water from few, constricted openings plus high water pressure to produce mist from the showerhead. You can enjoy this best if your shower is enclosed with a glass door.

You can make it still better by choosing a multi-function shower system complete with LED lights. This enhances your shower by combining hydrotherapy with chromotherapy (the use of colored lights to produce varied frequencies that can supposedly contribute to healing specific physical ailments).

With the shower in place, the rest is easy to assemble. You can put on scented candles, oil, or flower petals. You can even install a speaker or iPhone mount so that you can also have music, if you like. That should set your bathroom to be an excellent hydrotherapy room.

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