Jul 26, 2017

Planning home interiors with LED Lights

We all love decorating our interiors. Pay attention to wall colours, floor, curtains or blinds. Display painting and decorative art effects; add plants and flowers to liven up interiors. But on most occasions, we ignore the power of proper lighting effects. We use Batten to substitute most of our lighting needs. But modern interiors need more. Find out how you can enhance your interiors with the correct lighting effect.

Importance of lighting

Lighting is a much underestimated and unexplored tool, especially in home interiors. Using lighting in the right way can make the simplest corner pieces look classy and poor lighting can diminish the value of the elegant ‘Discus Thrower’. Creating layers of different lighting effects matched with colours and textures are considered ideal for interiors. You need a lighting designer to work magic to your interiors. The use of spotlights on artwork to enhance the architectural elements can transform the look of your room.

LED lights suited for home interiors

With the advent of LED energy efficient lights, you can sit back and relax on your electric bills. LED Lights Manufacturers are proud of their cost effective lights that save money. Use them liberally but tastefully to highlight your best spaces. Be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and study each has their own lighting demands. 

Using energy-efficient strip lights to dazzle shelves, clear candles in chandeliers, pendant lamps with soft LEDs or spotlight over fireplaces, the centrepiece or corner stand can create dramatic effects. Up-lighting under stair spaces can create a sense of volume through lighting. LED has diffused lighting options that can be used effectively in drawing rooms. They can also be used in the base of ceiling shade. LED lights offer an ambient atmosphere in large spaces and sitting area.

How to use LED lights effectively?

Light your kitchen
Using battens in the kitchen offering wide angle brightness is helpful. The sink and platform should have maximum visibility.  Cabinet lights in kitchen are extremely useful. Deep closets pantry and kitchen island area should be well lighted.

Warm bedroom glows
Your bedroom has your family pictures. Accent lighting displaying your photo frames and small art pieces are perfect. Place a good reading lamp next to the bed. The essential night lamps that come in multi colours bids you to sleep with hues which are natural sleep lullabies.

Bright bathrooms
Bathroom lights have to be as strong as your kitchen. This area needs a lot of cleaning. A light placed on the top of your mirror or at the sides will increase visibility.

Dining illumination
On the dining table, you can have two options, one a highly illuminated lighting and the other pendant types. Highly illuminated lightings come handy when you are eating something that requires more attention like fish. However, when you prefer the soft ambient light you have your choice.

Do not use lights in the diameter of your ceiling fans as the light will flicker when the fan moves. Low power LEDs are more effective than the high powered ones and the light uniformly spread through the room. Cool led lights have more efficiency than warm lights.  Decorative light holders, smart chords and wires that hide snugly behind furniture are useful tools that decorate your interiors.   

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