Jul 6, 2017

Should You Get a Window Type A/C or Central A/C?

There are plenty of people who aren't sure whether or not they should invest in an air conditioner for their home. While this is something recommended for tropical climates, it is not completely necessary in areas where there is a cool temperature throughout the year.

If you are considering investing in air conditioning for your home, however, you have to make sure you pick out the right one. Considering there is now an option to get a window type air conditioner instead of a central air conditioning system, you have to know how to pick one over the other.
Of course, these two air conditioning types come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The clear difference between the two is the cost. Compared to window type A/C units, central air conditioning is more expensive to install. This is why it is important to know the benefits and disadvantages of picking one over the other.

Window Type Air Conditioning System

Window type A/C units have been around longer than the central A/C systems. Because of this, they are more common in homes throughout the country. But when it comes to how well they perform, these are the things that separate them from central A/C units:


      They cost less. These air conditioning units are cheaper to purchase. Some of these units even sell for as low as around $100 for a 5,000 BTU double-hung window system.  
      They are easy to repair. Window type A/C units are much easier to replace and repair. You can simply have a technician come into your home and have the A/C fixed. And if it requires more than just fixing, you can have it removed and replaced with a new A/C.
      They are scalable to install. Window type A/C units can be installed in a room where you need it. You do not have to provide air conditioning to your entire home, especially if only one part of your house needs it. So if you just need air conditioning in your bedroom, you can install it there and leave the other parts of your home out.


      They can block your view. When you install a window type A/C in your bedroom, you have to accept the fact that you no longer have a view on that part of your window. The lower half of the window is blocked by the A/C unit.
      They stop you from being able to open the window. On that note, you no longer have access to that window. As long as the A/C is installed in the window, you can't open your window to let in the air. You can only do this once the A/C is not in use.
      They could be tampered with and used by a burglar. If the A/C has not been installed securely, the unit may be removed by a burglar so he can enter your home through the open area.

Central Air Conditioning System

As opposed to a window type A/C, a central air conditioning system can be used to cool the whole home. It also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages:


      It distributes cool air evenly. When you have a central A/C installed, each room will have a vent where the air can enter.
      It integrates in home seamlessly. There is no indication that you are using a central A/C when you're inside the house. The only things that make it obvious are the vents and the thermometer.
      It can be resold. Since central A/C units are difficult to install, they are usually considered as a permanent household fixture. So when you decide to resell your home, you can add in the A/C system to the price.


      It costs a lot of money to buy and install. No doubt about it, buying a central A/C system can be an expensive feast. Having it installed is another story.
      It cools every room in your home. Yes, that includes the areas in your home you do not need to cool because of the ducts.

As a whole, you should carefully assess whether or not a central A/C or a window A/C is the better option for you. If you do not want to install an A/C in each room in your home, you can opt for a window A/C so you can keep it at a minimum. On the other hand, if you want a home with a climate-controlled environment, picking a central A/C is best.

Written by Accurate Heating and Cooling. Accurate Heating and Cooling is one of the top heating and cooling companies serving Columbia, MO.

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