Jul 27, 2017

7 Questions Builder Should Ask Before Choosing a Project Management Software

It’s no exaggeration to say that technology, especially software, runs the world. We have software and programs for pretty much everything.

No wonder then that software can be used to help with intricate work as well- including building and construction software to manage projects such as Buildshop for builders. In practical terms, it is a time-consuming laborious process that requires lots of organization, planning, and communication – all of which software can help with. A builder has a few key requirements when he looks for software to assist him.
·         How specific can the software get?- is it a generic program that anyone, novice or expert, homeowner or builder can use, or can he look for something tailor-made for his particular purposes and use?
·        Does it allow for collaboration? - if the software will be used by different people at different points in the construction process- the builder, architect, designers, home owners and contractors - will the software allow for all of them to see the work in progress and comment, add or note their own contributions?
·         Can it provide reminders? - the software will need to keep up with the building pace. If it’s possible for it to note schedules and time frames, it can be beneficial to all the players in the project. The software should be able to update itself with each new change and keep everyone informed.
·         Will it show history? - the software needs to be a repository of past actions- this includes photographs of the site and progress, documents, emails and any other exchange that have taken place. Having all the information in one place makes looking things up easy and less time consuming.
·         Can it help with budgeting? - if the software comes with inbuilt budgeting or accounting software, it’s a huge advantage to the builder and the client. If not inbuilt, the software should lend itself to the seamless integration with accounting software. This is a good way to get to ensure that you’re not over budget and maximize profit for everyone.
·         Is it too expensive to use? - if the software comes with an expensive price tag and monthly maintenance fees, then builders might think twice about investing in it. Fair pricing of product is important everywhere and in building software too.
·         Will it help if needed? - once the software is sold, does the company withdraw or does it have technicians on call to help with any problem? This is crucial because no builders may not have access to IT staff to troubleshoot these problems in house. Look for software companies that provide support through chat, email, or phone.

While it’s very tempting and easy to go in for some free software, it makes more sense to take the time to find software that fits the needs of a particular project or construction professional, in the long run it will making managing projects easier and lower time and money wasted on these administrative tasks.

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