Sep 7, 2016

Top Ten Benefits of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is something that many people tend to overlook. For starters timber flooring, in comparison with let us say carpet or linoleum  is usually more expensive to have  installed, that being said the benefits that timber flooring offers in the long run will definitely be worth the initial additional cost.

Here are a few examples of the benefits of timber flooring:

1. Long Lasting
High quality timber floors are very long lasting as opposed to carpets which due to holes, stains or just everyday wear and tear generally have to be replaced at least every five years. As a matter of fact, not only are timber floors much more durable, with minimal yet proper maintenance they tend to look better as the years pass.

2. Easier to Clean and Maintain
There are obvious reasons why timber floors are easier to clean and maintain. All they need is a simple sweep or a light vacuum and they look great. If you have children or pets there may be times mud is dragged through the house, all it takes to clean up is a damp mop being passed over the mess. Mud is dreaded by those who own carpets.

3. More Hygienic
Carpets are known for harboring some pretty nasty things such as parasites, if you were to thoroughly research reports on the subject, you may rethink your desire to install a carpet. Fleas, dust mites and dust produce allergens which can really be problematic for those dealing with allergies, a timber floor will eliminate this expensive and uncomfortable situation. If you own cats or a dog, this is especially applicable.

4. Smell Better
Timber floors are not only more hygienic, they do not trap unpleasant odors from spills or animals like a carpet does. The way that a timber floor which has been polished is actually very pleasant and inviting.

5. Option To Install Under Floor Heating
Timber floors offer a great medium for under floor heating to be installed, nowadays this form of home heating is considered to be the most efficient option.

6. Easy to Repair
As the years go by your timber floor may get scratched or a bit damaged from normal wear and tear. To repair all that is needed would be some simple sanding and sealing, this will make it look new again. This process is a lot cheaper than having to refit a new carpet.

7. Classic Appeal
A very big advantage to timber flooring is its classic and timeless aesthetic appeal. There are flooring such as linoleum, carpet, patterned or colored tile etc. that become popular and lose popularity consistently, however the appeal of a timber floor has been around for centuries and I believe that not only will it remain, it is actually even more popular now than ever before.

8. Can Fit Any Budget
People associate timber floors with the rich and wealthy, however thanks to more modern production methods timber flooring can fit into any budget and be quite affordable.

9. A Great Feel and Warmth
Granted tile and stone floors are hygienic and quite easy to maintain as well, however they do not offer the same feel and warmth that timber floors do.

10. Increases the Value of Your Home
There have been reports by real estate agents in which they state that homes with timber flooring sell twice as easily in comparison to homes with other types of floor finishes. In other words by having a timber floor fitted, you will greatly increase the value of your home. 

In conclusion, there are quite a few benefits of having timber flooring over other types of flooring. It may be a bit more expensive upfront, however in the long run, as you can see from the explanations above, they are far more economical. Choosing your home's floor finish is a very important process, not only is it a hefty investment, you time, family's health as well as the aesthetics and value of your home are equally affected. I however personally have never heard of anyone regretting having a timber floor fitted, many will state it is the best decision and investment that they ever made. 

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