Sep 20, 2016

5 Ways to Secure Your Home While on a Holiday

It is only natural for you to worry about your abode or apartment whenever you are planning for a trip out of town for several days with your friends or family. Leaving your house unattended without safety precautions in place while you are away is a definite no-no, especially if you do not have security personnel that are always manning your property like those people who bought a condo for sale in The Fort.

Preparing how to best secure your homes while you are on a holiday or even during the semestral break of the students from architecture universities like in Manila, should always be included when you are planning for your trip. Here is a checklist for you to include in your list to make sure your home will be safe and sound while you are enjoying your vacation.
Ask Assistance from Friends or Neighbours

The simplest way to look out for your home while you are away is to ask a neighbour or a friend (who live nearby) to keep watch of your property for possible threats like burglars, who may be waiting for an opportunity like an unmanned house to do some breaking and entering.

Be certain that you have each other’s contact information for emergency purposes and for instances when you just want to be updated about the status of your house.
Install a Light Switch Timer

It is no longer advisable to always keep your lights on while you are away. Aside from them adding up to your electricity bill, leaving them to stay on will draw suspicion from outsiders and potential intruders which is why it would be better if you set up a light switch timer that is scheduled to be turned on when you need them to.

Installing this timer would also make outsiders, who are keeping a close eye to your property, think that someone is at home to turn your lights on and off.
Turn Off All the Water Lines

Before leaving for an out of town trip or for an overseas vacation, you need to be certain that you have turned off all of your water lines in and around your abode. These lines would include all of your hoses, faucets, pipes and those that are attached to your dishwasher, refrigerator, and sink.

You would not want to return back from your holiday only to find out that water damages have been done to your property.
Leave Your House Clean

Remember that it is important to keep the pretence that someone has been left to stay in your property even though there is no one at home. Before leaving, it would be wise to keep everything clean enough so other people would think that someone is keeping your home’s form and exterior.

You can keep up appearances by cutting your grass short on your lawn and keeping things like the children’s toys away and organized; this way you can tell whether something has been moved when you return from your trip.
Avoid Posting Your Trip on the Internet

The internet is a vast place where anyone from anywhere can access information about everything; therefore, it is not wise for you to post your vacation plans, especially those that would announce that you are going to leave your house unattended, on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

If you really have to share the details of your trip online, then you shall have to wait until you are home to start posting them. After all, the security of your house is much more important than bragging your trip to the people that follow you on the internet. 

Sue Ann Reyes is a hard working young professional by day and a Writer by night. She writes with style and sophistication. Passion and Imagination brings the best of her. Lifestyle, Food and Travelling is some of her interests.

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