Sep 14, 2016

Simple Tips for an Organized Medicine Cabinet

It’s hot in California. Human growth hormone therapy pills, like other pills for cough, colds, and usual sickness people get from the changing weather or getting it from other people. These pills, together with many other prescription drugs, should be kept in a cool, dry place. Elderly in home care are at most in need of an organized medicine cabinet.

Some people keep their medicine in a medicine cabinet. Some in the fridge and some on the nightstand where they can easily grab it. However, there are some who just shove it in a cabinet and hope for the best that they find it when they most need it. Here are a few tips on how to keep a medicine cabinet organized and you won’t be scrambling to find whatever you need to take last minute.

First, you have to clear out that medicine cabinet. You want to start with a clean slate. Clean it out and rub out all the grime if it has any. You don’t want that grime getting all over your medicine bottles. It’s better to keep your medicine in a place not only in a cool, dry place, but also a clean place.

Use magnetic hooks or hooks with adhesive. Stick them to the door and  hang different kinds of things such as hair clips, toothpaste and other things such as Swiss knives and nail cutters. Other things you can hang on these hooks are scissors and extra pairs of glasses that you might have around or if you switch from contact lenses. This will give you more space in the medicine cabinet for actual medicine. This can help you maximize the space of the cabinet. 

Or if you don’t like hooks, you can put toothbrushes, balm sticks, tubes of balms and creams, and even tubes of toothpaste, and cotton buds. Other things you can use to keep loose items together are Tic Tac containers. You can put bobby pins or other pieces of medicine that have lost their bottles.

Adhesive shelves can also be an option if hooks are too much of an eyesore. They can keep organized any pencils for makeup, or bottles of nail polish, toothbrushes, small tubes of cream or make up and foundation, even Q-Tips and lipsticks.

The back of the door to the cabinet can also double as a chalkboard. Here, you can write reminders, such as what you need to buy like groceries or personal necessities such as toothpaste, shaving cream, or reminders if you’ve taken your medicine.

If your medicine cabinet is full, you can use a spice rack installed in the wall beside your medicine cabinet or sink. If the medicine bottles don’t fit, just use spice bottles such as McCormic and transfer pills into these bottles.

Medicine cabinets don’t have many shelves, so to make the most of the space, you can use with vertical risers. With this, you can put more things under those risers like tubs of cream or hair gel. Binder clips can also be used to make sure you’re using the most of the product you’re buying. Use paper binder clips for your toothpastes.

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