Sep 26, 2016

Should You Hire Office Plants Or Buy Them?

Using plants to decorate your office in combination with other concepts is an excellent option. Aside from improving the overall atmosphere of your working space, plants are very effective as well in boosting positive energy and moods of your employees. Plants are also known to provide a cooler and fresher air, reducing the humidity in the office especially during the summer season. 

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Most people think that buying plants for their office can help them save money. What they don’t know is that this can be more expensive since they need to purchase pots plants. It will also require more effort since they have to look after the plants themselves. For someone who doesn’t have much experience, buying and planting the plants without professional help is a bit risky, with the chance of the plants to die. Thus, hiring plants is far better than purchasing them. If you are not yet convinced, then here are some of the benefits that you can get when hiring office plants.
Benefits of Hiring Office Plants 
  • You can prevent spending money for upfront costs such as the delivery or arrangements of the plants. This is suitable for those who have a limited budget or wanted to save money for the plants that they will use in the office. All you have to do is pay the cost of plant hire period. 
  • You can have more options to choose from and be flexible with your choices. It is easy for you to try other planters that will compliment with the decoration of your office. Aside from that, you can return the plants if ever that you are planning to move into a smaller area. Of course, this will require you to have smaller plants that will not reach the ceilings. 
  • You can get free advice from the experts on what types of plants you can place indoors. With lots of indoor plants that you can have in your office, it is important that you go for the ones that are easy to maintain so you don’t have to change them from time to time. Besides, they will surely provide you with plants that they know will suit your place based on the lighting and space. 
  • Hiring plants will free you from the responsibility of maintaining them. Technicians will come to your office every week to check the plants. This is to assure that the plants are still in good condition. Once you notice that there is something wrong with the plants, you can easily ask for a replacement. 
Given the above-mentioned benefits, it can be concluded that hiring plants for your office is way much better than buying them and taking care of them yourself. However, you can still opt to buy them if you really want to. Just make sure you know exactly what to do with your plants. If you know someone who can help you with the selection of the plant selection and maintenance, do not hesitate to seek help. 

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