Sep 7, 2016

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Domestic Electrician

Certified and professional electrical contractors handle anything from electrical installations, servicing, and maintenance of electric appliances, as well as supply electronic systems to their clients.  If you need a new air conditioner installed, or just need the boiler serviced, the only person you ought to call is an electrician. Hiring a qualified electrician not only protects your equipment but is also safe for you and other family members. It is therefore your responsibility to hire a qualified, trustworthy, and certified electrician to handle all domestic electrical needs.
Although there are many electricians out there, finding the right one for the job can be daunting. There are however plenty of good domestic electricians on the market today – you only need to know where to look, and what to look for in the contractor.  A little window shopping and asking around is however needed to find someone you can trust. Some of the factors to consider before hiring an electrician include:

1.       Certification and License:  Every trained and qualified electrician should be able to produce a license and the required certificates when asked to. These should be the first documents you request for before asking any more questions. It is after ascertaining that the contractor is licensed that you can discuss other conditions. The best thing with hiring a licensed contractor is that you can be assured of their training and quality of work produced. Hiring a licensed electrician also protects you from quacks and untrustworthy people.

2.       Experience: Some bit of experience is required especially if required to handle major electrical installations such as boiler installation.  The contractor you wish to hire should have at least two years of experience in the field. It is by being active in the field that one can understand how various equipment work; and also be exposed to different systems in the field. An experienced contractor can provide a higher quality job as compared to a newbie in the industry.

3.       Insurance:  With many domestic electricians working under a company, it is advisable to check whether they are insured or not. The insurance policy should not only cover the contractor but anything that he works on.  Should the contractor be unable to repair or damage anything, then the insurance company should finance any replacement or repair needed. Ensuring the contractor has adequate cover is a must, hence recommended.

4.       Cost of service:  Just because a contractor has 15 years of experience and has a flashy portfolio doesn’t mean you should get into a contract yet. You need to discuss the cost of service with several of these contractors before deciding on the right one for the job. It would be even better to ask for quotations from several of these contractors to have an idea of how much to spend on the project. Any contractor that provides an accurate quote; and isn’t too expensive, is the best fit for the job.

You also need to ask for a service guarantee before making the hire. Although most companies will provide at least 1-year warranty for services offered, many won’t be as willing. Aside from all these, look for someone you can trust to handle the job. 

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