Dec 11, 2015

Simple Home Repairs Guide for Beginners

If you own a home you know how thing tend to get broken all the time and have to be repaired. If you have called repairmen every single time something cracks you have probably spent more money you can possibly imagine. But the truth is you do not have to be a skilled handyman in order to fix most of these. All you have to do is follow this home repairs guide and there will be no more reasons to spend money on repairmen.

How to repair cracking grout
No matter if the grout is installed properly, it can always start cracking and crumbling. Once this happens you should be able to fix it by yourself in order to prevent the crack damaging the surrounding tiles and that is where the real trouble starts. To fix it by yourself you will need to get grout. If the lines between your tiles are around one third of a centimeter you should get unsanded epoxy or acrylic grout. If the lines and wider you will need sanded grout. Once you have this you should first clean the damaged area with a mixture of vinegar and water. You should grab a grout saw and remove the damaged part. Clean the whole with a damp paper towel and make sure there is no water left in it. You should them mix the new grout with a little bit of water and push it into the whole. Clean the spot with water and vinegar again and you are done. The only thing remained to do is to clean the mess.

How to unclog the toilet
Most people don’t know how to unclog the toilet properly and they end up calling for help even though they could easily do it by themselves. The reason they don’t get the job done is that they cannot make a difference a sink and toilet plunger. The thing we see on TV all the time is actually used for unplugging the sink. The real toilet plunger actually has an extension at the end that can easily fit the toilet drain. Once you have the proper equipment fixing the problem should be too hard. All you have to do is pour some water into the toilet and thrust the plunger into the toilet around 10 times. If that does not get the job done you can try doing it with a toilet auger. These do not cost too much but should be able to unclog all the tougher clogs.

How to make metal roof repairs
Metal roofs are quite durable but storms and contraction of the metal might make you have to repair it from time to time. If the damage is too big you might have to replace an entire section of it. But if you do not think there is a need to do this you can just do some simple repairs on it. First of all search for loose nails and re-nail them. You can also easily seal up any leaks you find in the roof. All you have to do is get urethane roof cement and spread it all over the damaged area. If there are holes in the roof you should cover them up with smaller pieces of metal. For cutting the metal pieces into the smaller ones and applying those pieces onto the roof you will need things like drill and grinder. If you do not have these take a look at Milwaukee tools and start collecting the tools for your toolbox.

All of these repairs are easy to do and no matter how much inexperienced you are, you should not have any troubles doing them. All you need is some effort and the proper tools and there will be no need to call repairmen anymore.

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