Dec 10, 2015

Home Building 101: Definite Guide for First Time Home Builders

One of the most exciting things you will ever do in your life is planning your own home from scratch. This is a chance to not only design your home but also to put in all the little details you have admired over the years in other people's houses or in home magazines.

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To be sure your plan does not run into difficulties, it is important that you follow certain steps if you wish to wind up with the desired result. Sometimes something that sounds good does not turn out that way when the result is viewed. Following are some suggestions and places to look for further information.


Take a close look at the location where you are planning to build. Are the streets and neighboring houses neat and clean? Is there transportation nearby in case you become unable to drive? If you have or are planning to have children, what kinds of schools are available? Will the location be convenient for commuting? This and other neighborhood information can be found at HGTV website.



Designing a new home covers a large territory. You no doubt have an idea of the style you want but it is important to blend in your desires with surroundings. That's what makes it so important to contact a reliable builder who is well known for his practical and innovative suggestions. Experienced builders who are knowledgeable regarding all aspects of house design and can show you new ideas regarding appliances, colors, tiles, marble, bathroom fixtures and other things that will make your home comfortable, are the essence of your project.

Many design magazines have excellent ideas regarding homes and other attractive things on the market. Perhaps you want your home in a contemporary, traditional or another design. This is your chance to fulfill all your desires regarding your dream home.

Building Codes and Permits

Every city has different building codes and permits. There are also federal and state codes in some cases. It is important that you have an architect or builder who obtains the proper permits and has plans that include all code requirements. These codes often include things regarding distance a building must be from the curb, type of electrical and water connections, foundation requirements and many other things. Building permit offices require evidence of contractor licenses and other information.

If this is a DIY project, where you are doing the work and just hiring electricians, plumbers and other professionals, these codes must still be followed. Some cities require professional blueprints on any new buildings.


Hiring an Architect

It is important to hire a good architect when planning to build your home. They will not only be aware of the requirements of the space, electrical, plumbing and other requirements but will be able to produce a design that will meet your desires and requirements. Their expertise will be invaluable in explaining how things will look when the project is completed.

Architects may be hired primarily for drawing the plans or for following through until the building is done. In the latter case, they will be in charge of hiring professionals for installations that require licensed contractors. It is important that their previous work be carefully checked out prior to hiring.



Building a new home is expensive. Therefore, it is important that all financing be arranged before the first step is taken. Naturally, it is ideal if you already have the funds. However, that is usually not the case in a first time home builder. Always have interviews with a number of lenders if you want to have the best deal. It will be impressive to a lender if you already own the land.

However, it is not impossible to obtain complete financing if you have a good credit score, a good source of income and can supply references regarding your record of paying bills on time. Having a good savings account is also helpful. Now is an ideal time to obtain home financing as interest rates are low and are not expected to remain that way very long.

Good luck on building your new home, an exciting experience will last you a lifetime.

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