Dec 16, 2015

Lighting Made Easy and Environment Friendly with Solar Power

Do have any clue on how solar power helps in lighting? Don’t worry, in this article you will learn how solar energy is utilized to produce light. In other words, solar panel converts light energy to electrical energy.

Solar generators have long life batteries that stores energy and deliver it whenever required. Photovoltaic solar panel smoothens the process by converting solar energy to electrical energy using semiconducting materials. That is, solar cells in the panel will undergo photoelectric effect and an electrochemical process occurs where in crystallized atoms are ionized, thereby generating electricity.

The panel is attached to specially designed high flux LED lights, which is capable of producing bright white light.
Most of the solar lights are wireless. The main reasons why wireless solar lights are preferred over wired lights are listed below:

·         It is very reliable than wired lights.
·         It is cheaper as the price of utility wiring and transformers is high.
·         It saves a lot of power.
·         It causes no pollution.
·         Relocating or replacing is comparatively easier.

Solar lighting is mainly preferred for occasions such as fairs, mining sites, Olympics and more due to its powerful qualities over conventional wired lighting.

Solar lights cause no harm to environment. It is pollution free as it doesn’t use fossil fuel. It also helps us to reduce our dependence on oil. Moreover, it doesn’t require any electrical wiring and because of which trenching in the middle of parking lots and other finished spaces can be avoided.

Many people have used solar lighting for applications like mailboxes for homeowner associations and others with motion sensors. People, who want to light up areas like park or roads where wiring is difficult, also prefer solar lighting.

Storage capacity of solar panels and solar lighting poles is something that you should be very careful of. As during cloudy day or when there is no ample sunshine, the system should be able to function with the stored energy.

The solar parking lot lights price vary from seller to seller. However, most of the time, it is comparatively cheaper than the normal parking lights.  It is available online too. However, buying from a trusted seller, who has the expertise and experience in the field, is much better than buying from any random seller. 

Most of the panels come with high quality solar array and mounting brackets mainly designed for the charging requirements. Solar lighting poles come in varying sizes and are installed according to the available space and demand.

Before you are planning to set up a solar powered lighting, make sure you know its pros and cons. Also, you should ensure it is cost effective and is of high quality. With increase in number of population and rapid growth of technology, power has become very essential for the betterment of the society. Thus, saving it by any means is vital. Hence, a project like solar powered light poles for parking lots and roads is a boon to mankind.

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