Dec 5, 2015

Dog Waste Poop - Initial Source Of Spreading Several Diseases In Human Body

Dog waste can contribute greatly to make you sick. You will be surprised to know that there are 23 million bacteria is one gram of dog poop - enough to make you very sick in no time. Therefore, as a pet owner it is important for you to treat your pets’ poop the right way.

If untreated or not properly disposed, these poops can make their way to lakes, rivers and streams. You can imagine how sick you can get if you swim or fish in that lake or river water. There are many ways to treat dogs waste without any hassle. Waste bag is one of the most convenient options available.
You must have noticed dog waste station in your area as well as placed at every nook and corner of the city, which helps to keep the environment clean. With the use of waste bags, you can carry the dog poop easily in your hand and when you come across a waste station, just dispose it. Pet station service provider will take care of the rest.

·         Parvo virus - This disease found in the dogs’ poop can badly attack your digestive system and cause diarrhoea.
·         Whipworms - This virus can attack your intestine and cause weight loss, diarrhoea, and vomiting.
·         Hookworms - These viruses are blood suckers. They can reach your intestine and cause intense inflammation in your lungs.
·         Roundworms - This germ is also known as ascarids. It has the capability to severally damage your lungs and digestive system. It can cause heavy infection in your entire body.

Apart from these mentioned ones, there are many other diseases that can be caused by bacteria present in dogs’ poop. The best solution is that you keep the dog as well as the environment clean with the use of quality waste bags. 

What are the advantages of dog waste bags?
You may be fined hefty amount, if your dog poops at a park or a street. Therefore, in order to save yourself from these fines, it is wise to carry dog waste bags. When you are out with the dog, just keep the poop in the bag, carry it and throw it at the nearby poop dispose station. This also helps in keeping the environment clean and germ free.

How much these bags cost?
The best parts about these bags are they are very much in your budget. They are durable, functional and affordable too. It is advised that you buy these bags online as you will get additional discounts. Online suppliers always have one or the other discount and offerings conducted to attract customers. You may not be able to avail these additional discounts, if you purchase waste bags from a pets store near your house.

In a nutshell, just because you hate to clean poop, you should not drop the idea to own a pet. Pets are fun and loving. You can buy one and attain a best companion. In addition take the responsibility to take good care of him. Keep the surroundings clean using quality waste bags and avoid spread of diseases.

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