Dec 17, 2015

Shabby Chic Style: What Is It?

If you are a simpleton and don’t want a flashy décor for your room, you can opt for the shabby chic style. The shabby chic style is the ideal choice for people who are looking to decorate their room on a budget.

With cash a little tight in the current economic climate, spending too much money on interior decoration is hardly a sensible idea. The shabby chic look is designed at providing comfort and practicality than exuberance and zing.

Just because you don’t have a big budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on look or elegance. The shabby chic look is affordable to achieve and it is elegant as well. The furniture and fittings used in a shabby chic look are not new or modern, but are geared towards simplicity. There are several elements that make up a shabby chic look. If you want to try a shabby chic look, here are a few ideas to help you get on the right track.

Slip Covers
Slip covers are a staple of the shabby chic look. Slip covers lend your furniture a new look. You don’t have to replace your furniture to accentuate the look of your décor. You only have to get slip covers which are inexpensive and the look is completed. Not only are they friendly on your pocket but they also look nice and appealing.

The slip covers are further enhanced by using printed fabrics that have striking patterns. The fabric is used to cover pillows, cushions, beds or any other furniture which might require to be covered. There is no limitation to the type of print that can be use on the fabric but the floral look is highly preferable. In conjunction with the slip covers, the right fabrics complete a refined shabby chic look.
Painted furniture also defines a shabby chic look. For painting, the furniture does not have to be expensive or top of the line. You can buy used and second hand furniture which is inexpensive and then paint it. Painting the furniture will add to its look which might be a little worn with years of use. Typically, furniture does not match with the color of the décor. To achieve the perfect shabby chic look, paint your furniture to match the covers and the fabrics.

A floral arrangement is a key part of a shabby chic look. You can buy bouquets or make your own from your garden. Don’t go for a strict pattern while arranging the flowers. Keep the arrangement loose and informal to go with the overall ambience of the room. Flowers are an element that can be used in every part of your home including the bathrooms.

Raid the flea markets for lamps and other light fixtures. Don’t spend too much money but buy as many pieces of unique lighting to your room as possible. The lighting often contradicts the other elements but that is what they are intended to do. With the unique lighting, your shabby chic look is completed.

Chris is a regular writer at Christophe Living. His years of experiences about interior decorating has helped a lot of people at designing their own home.  

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