Feb 27, 2015

Unique Design Furniture to Enhance Beauty of Home

Home furniture is now becoming a status symbol for the modern families. Every piece of furniture we want for our house, we want it to be distinct and unique in itself so that it can beautify our homes and make it stand out from others. Here we share a few unique design of furniture that would make your home unmatched.

What if you can use your space as living room in a day and bedroom in night, a bed that can be fold in the wall and flipped out on board whenever needed. It can save you a space of whole room and can be used whenever you like to. 

A convertible sofa could add a lot more chic to your house. You could fold it as a trunk, open it and use it as a dining table with cushioned chairs and also use it as a sofa. You would love to see the confused look of your friends when they see your sofa becoming your dining table.

Could a small staircase be of any other use in furniture? Yes it can have a range of drawers to reduce the space small things in house could occupy. It can have more stairs as the drawer to keep more things into it and you would not even need any stool to reach the top most drawer as the drawers are already a part of staircase you can just climb over it.

Most of us think of owning a pool table but at the end of the day we do not have space for it. But Flap dining table gives you a chance to accommodate your pool table into your dining table. All you need to do is remove the upper flap of the table and your dining table becomes a pool table. It can also store the snooker balls in its drawer. So, it combines your food and entertainment together.

If you always thought of a type of furniture which looks good and also takes less space Obelisk furniture is all you need. It can be divided to form a set of chairs and table and stacked together it takes a shape of a rocket like structure, which occupies very less space and is ideal for outdoor purposes also.

Are you fond of ping pong? Could you imagine it could be a part of your house entrance? You wouldn’t believe that creativity can make your door a ping pong board when turned horizontally. You could call your friend for a ping pong game on your leave or evenings to have fun. It folds and adjusts itself as a board and a door in a very simple way. It would have markers and net over it to reduce your part of stress. So install it and go ping pong at your doorstep.

All these changes in your house would not only enhance its beauty but also give a chance to flaunt it in front of your friends. So, get ready to carry a new attitude and tease your neighbours.

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