Feb 24, 2015

Life in a Villa: Merits and Demerits

Living in an independent home is very different from living in an apartment. Villa lifestyle has a host of advantages and disadvantages.The best solution is to own a Villa in gated communities.

Reasons to buy one
Owning and residing in a luxury Villa is a dream come true for many individuals. Villa’s or Courtyard homes are super luxury country houses possessing unique architectural properties. These independent homes provide a ready platform for an aristocratic lifestyle, hence upgrading the general standard of life. There are several reasons to invest in a villa, some of them are:

1.  Available Space: This is probably the most attractive feature of buying a villa. The abundant space at your disposal allows for breathing room and ensures a comfortable way of life. Villas are normally four to five BHK establishments with a huge kitchen, den, living room, and dining areas. Apart from expansive lodgings, abundant storage areas are also provided in the form of attic, basement, and garage.

2.   An outdoorsy life: Life in a villa can be experienced in and out of its fortifications. Courtyard homes are normally equipped with large expanses of green patches, numerous trees and plants, an immaculate driveway, and big garage spaces, which make socialising outdoors an event in itself. Children playing in the evenings, Friday night cocktails with friends, or Sunday barbeque with family, the experience is priceless.

3.   Privacy and freedom: Another unique advantage of living in a villa is its exclusivity. Extremely private and secure, these dwellings give you complete freedom to do your bidding while residing far away from the boisterous hustle-bustle of the city.The quaint, quiet back-drop of villa life is motivating enough to invest in one.

4.  Customisation: Villas can be designed according to your personal tastes and preferences. Modifications of the interior and exterior can be done depending on the latest interior designing trends and fashions. The plush and opulent environment of a villa is mesmerising to most. It offers a sophisticated way of life yet guarantees the comfort and peace of humble living. It is truly a luxurious yet homely experience.

5.   Added income: The spaciousness of the abode leaves a lot of spare room. The extra units constructed as storage space, if not in use, can be comfortably rented out to generate added income.

Reasons to make you feel otherwise
Villa life is exciting for sure, however, it is riddled with a number of disadvantages.
1. Cost and maintenance: Villas are expensive properties. The cost of one is high and not everyone can afford it. The large fee is the price one has to pay in order to reside in the lap of such luxury. Moreover, the maintenance costs of such establishments can be skyrocketing. Landscaping, water, electricity, house help, air conditioning etc. require huge sums of capital.

2.  Location:  Since the construction of a villa requires a lot of land, they are mostly erected in the outskirts of a suburb. As such they may not be well connected to the central, crucial areas of the city and may even lack a proper transportation system. Having a vehicle of your own is very important here.

3.   Security: This is the gravest cause of concern. All the isolation and seclusion offered by a courtyard home can prove dangerous in terms of safety. Having private security is a necessary mandate. This can be a little pricey, yes, but what is more important than protection?

The best course of action here is to own villas in gated residential colonies. Several real estate giants are undertaking the colossal challenge of erecting these establishments in different parts of the country. Leading the market is Embassy Group, which has come up with lucrative projects pertaining to Villas and courtyard homes. The superior facilities provided in such residential outposts are sure to take you by surprise. They will embody the qualities of romance and serenity that life in a villa symbolises.

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