Feb 9, 2015

Paint Colors to Produce Different Moods – Interior Décor Tips

The effects that different colors have on the human mind have been talked about for centuries, if not millennia and there is even a branch of psychology that is concerned with these effects. It is probably quite difficult to put a finger on why a certain color produces a certain emotional effect in a person, but the fact remains that it does. In interior decoration, this is quite important because you can make the room fulfill its role more effectively by painting it a certain color or by introducing details in a certain color.

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Yellow – optimistic and joyful

The color yellow is possibly the easiest one to understand as having certain effects on the human mind. We probably associate the color with the sun, with the wheat, everything that has since forever been important for our lives. Even if this is not the case, the fact is that the color yellow gives us a feeling of optimism and joy. Because of this, yellow is the perfect color for the living room where your friends and family will feel upbeat as soon as they walk in. Another great room to paint yellow is the bathroom. When you get up in the morning and do your stuff in a yellow bathroom, you will feel more energized and ready for the day ahead of you.

Orange – excitement and productivity

Color orange is quite close to yellow and as such, it produces a similar effect. However, due to the inclusion of red into the mix, orange becomes more exciting and intense than yellow. It will get you going no matter how you feel and in addition to this, it has been determined that orange can also increase the productivity. If you work from home, it is a good idea to paint your home office orange or at least include some details in this color. You can place orange details in any room and they will bring life to the space.

Red – passion

Red is all about excitement in its purest form – passion. There is no escaping the fact that the human mind will always associate the color red with passion and extreme excitement. This is biological. This is why most interior decorators, as well as professional painting people will recommend that you include red details in your bedroom where passion should feel at home. It is also a great color to break the boredom in other rooms, in case they need a bit livening up. Small details.

Green – health and tranquility

You have probably noticed that most spaces in hospitals are painted green unless they are clear white. This is because the color green is associated with health and tranquility, peace, the moods that you need to produce in a hospital environment. This is also why the color green will work great in the bedroom. This is where you need to be relaxed and where you let your mind and your body recover.

Blue – peace and contemplation

The color blue is a color that helps the mind feel at peace and that promotes concentration and contemplation. This color comes in so many variants that you can even use blues for elements that will go great with white spaces and grays. With this color, however, you need to be very careful because spaces can be overwhelmed by particularly dark or cold hues. That being said, with a bit of work and creativity, the color blue can work in any room in the house.

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