Feb 12, 2015

Is Your Cleaner Cleaning Your Office Safely?

Finding a group of great commercial cleaners some time is quite a challenge. Cleaning can be very dangerous when you have an unexperienced cleaner. Here are a few tips to teach you how to check if your cleaner is cleaning your office safely.

1.   Safety  signs
Yes, safety signs are the very basic lifesaving things cleaners must have. There are hundreds of injuries that is happing every day all because of people didn’t know about the area is hazardous. So make sure your cleaners do use safety signs when necessary.

2.   Chemical Knowledge
A well trained cleaner should have learnt thenecessary information about chemical safety, and should always know where the MSDS (material safety data sheets) are located. When they not sure about any of the chemical they are using, they know where to check the guide and warnings of them. When you hiring your cleaning contractors you should always check if they have their MSDS and Work place health and safety plan in place. This is a sign of whether you are hiring an experienced and responsible cleaning company.

3.   Equipment safety
Your cleaners should have a solid knowledge about the instructions of how to operate cleaning equipment. Especially some large and powerful cleaning machines. For example, when you are seeking some high pressure washing service, the cleaner must know that commercial pressure washers can cut people’s skin wide open like a knife, so they will need to make sure they restrict the working areas that only the people who is wearing protective equipment can enter.

With the few tips above you should get the idea of where to look and how to check if you are contracting some good cleaners. 

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