Feb 11, 2015

How to Set Up a Garden Storage Container

Investing in a container storage can make the whole gardening experience more pleasurable, as you can have all the tools and materials organized on one spot. You can make a storage from a scratch or order a pre-fabricated one that only needs putting together. Whatever you decide, it’ important to think in advance and choose the best option possible, so that you avoid ending up with a cluttered box full of gardening tools and dirt. 

You Can Store Almost Anything
Garden storage containers are getting increasingly popular because of their versatility. They are perfect for smaller gardens as they don’t require as much space as a shed or garage. They can be used for storing almost anything, from gardening tools, logs, fertilizers, pesticides or anything that you don’t want inside your house. They are ideal with families with children as you can lock away dangerous substances or sharp gardening tools like axes or hedge shears. And finally, storage containers require no maintenance, while protecting your items from elements. 

Keep Frequently Used Items Accessible
One thing you should definitely consider is to install a pegboard near the storage door where you can stack tool that you use often like brooms, rakes and hoes. In this way you can access them I no time and save the interior space for a long time storing. In the same way, you can add a bucket near the door for storing small tools that you use on regular basis, like clippers, trowels, a gardening knife and several coils of rope. If you don’t like that option you can attach a couple of hooks on the pegboard and hang these there.

Install Shelves
Shelves are essential for keeping your storage floor free from clutter. Whether you decide for standing or wall shelves, they are indispensable for keeping sharp tools and chemicals out of the reach of children or pets. Your items will be more organized if you keep things you use frequently on lower shelves and those you don’t on higher ones.

If You Need a Bigger Storage…
Heavier and larger pieces of equipment like lawnmowers, tillers and wheelbarrows are best stored by the back wall of the garden storage. If your needs call for a bigger, more substantial storage option, a good alternative is to purchase a new or retired shipping container. They come in various sizes and perhaps the greatest advantage of storing equipment in containers is that you can cut them apart and modify them to your liking, and they also come with a sturdy and secure pair of doors.

Secure the Bags
If you need to store bagged materials like potting soil, fertilizer or seed, you should dedicate a corner of the storage for that purpose. The last thing you want is to rupture a bag with a falling gardening utility, you you might want to place every bag in a separate plastic container with a lid. Alternatively, you can place a wooden pallet on the storage floor and place the bags upon it, protecting them from moisture and tearing.

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