Feb 25, 2015

How Proper Furniture Placement Can Make Your Place Better‏

When it comes to make your place look better, proper furniture arrangement plays a very important role. Home improvement is an art and a good furniture, when placed in an improper arrangement can make the area look weird and even decreases the value of space or furniture. To avoid the mess of furniture placement and frustration it can cause, it is necessary to take care of some important aspects while placing your furniture.
Let’s start with the dining table in your dining room, place it carefully by leaving some space at all of its side. If sufficient space is not left around the table it will create a problem in taking out chairs and easy sitting. Coming to the living room, first comes the couch, its placement needs to be done so as to allow proper utilization of space. For a small room, keeping couches at the wall sides leaving a small space behind it makes the area look bigger. For a cosy feel in a room, place sofa pieces close to each other, and for an open feel you can leave some distance between them.

Proper furniture placement means placing the furniture by maximum utilization of space and combining all the furniture pieces to create a beautiful look of room. If we place furniture allowing spaces for proper pathways to roam easily around rooms and proper passing from between the furniture it will eventually create flexibility in your room. The one other important factor is the orientation of the furniture, in living rooms set of sofas are oriented towards an attracting focal point of room, it can be either the designer wall, a TV or may be a fire place. Imagine how uncool it will be if we make a seating arrangement facing opposite to the attractive spot of room.

Using rugs under the furniture gives it a classy look. An undersized rug can make a small room look even smaller and a large room disconnected. Use a proper sized rug to make your area look more appealing and spacious. Coffee table needs to be placed at the centre of sofas and it should be as bigger to connect the space properly. You can get all these from any store like HusetFurniture.

In bedrooms, bed placement should be done in order to have maximum usable surface area and keeping the appeal of room alive. Keeping the beds on the sides of wall is always a good option, or for a big room it can be placed opposite to the door with its back at the middle of a wall. Side tables should be kept around the bed for keeping the table lamps and other accessories.

Apart from all the essential furniture items, some people also use some extra chairs to increase their sitting capacity for their gatherings. These chairs, when placed beside sofas give an elegant look. An extra storage bench or a cabinet can also be placed according to the architecture of home. A charming chandelier at the middle of living room or a hanging light above the dining table makes the place better by giving proper lighting to your space. A proper arrangement of furniture is very important to have a just feels right kind of place.

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