May 8, 2014

Preparing a Home for Floor Sanding – Sydney Property Owners' Short Guide

Over time, hardwood flooring loses its exquisite finish and lustre. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied through floor sanding. Sydney homeowners confronted with this problem can either perform the job by themselves or enlist a professional floor sander to perform the job for them, saving them the time and troubles usually associated with going the DIY route.

Of course, when you are trying to hire a contractor to perform a job in your home, it is crucial to put time and effort into finding a suitable one, including the choice of a floor sander. Sydney property owners should make sure that the contractor they choose has the experience and established reputation in the business. It is also advisable to opt for floor sanders who use top quality finishes which do not pose harm to your family members or even your pets. Finally, a reputable contractor will offer valuable after-project care so that you can better protect your flooring.

Hiring a contractor, however, does not mean that you can leave the project entirely at the hands of an expert in floor sanding. Northern Beaches homeowners will be served well by knowing how to prep their homes for sanding and re-finishing. Here are a few helpful tips worth following.

The first thing you ought to know is what is included in the contract. If you are trying to save a few extra dollars, then consider performing some tasks like removing carpets and wrapping in plastic the household items you do not wish to be covered in dust from the work to be done.

Prior to the commencement of works, move household items away from the work area. Unless stated in your contract, you should also remove floor covers like carpets and linoleum as well as all paddings, nails and staples.

Know beforehand that dust will accumulate in the work area. As such, curtains should be removed while furniture and other household items which may not be moved away from the work area should be sealed with plastic wraps. If the job is going to be performed in the kitchen area, it is advisable to remove food items to prevent these from absorbing vapours from the chemicals used.

There are several reasons why pets should also be kept away from the work area. For one, cats and dogs can impede the performance of the floor sanders. Additionally, the chemicals used by the contractor may cause discomfort to your furry pals. Even if your dog is not overly protective, it is worthwhile to put it on a leash or cage as workers come and go into the work area. Birds and fish, on the other hand, should also be moved away from the work area as they are quite sensitive to changes in the air.

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